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Immigration Lawyer
DescriptionImmigration to China is done at the Federal level and most application processes, as complex as they are, are facilitated through mail correspondence. As a result, many Foshan immigration lawyers have developed a mechanical and disconnected way of serving their clientele. The demand for immigration services is so high that many lawyers won’t even provide a consultation, unless you have paid them a
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Employment Lawyer
DescriptionXiamen Yang Chaowei Lawyer used to work for Datian County Court, Datian County Law Firm. From 1994.2 to 2000.7, he worked as a head in Sanming Hongyan Law Firm. From 2005.9 to 2007.9, he worked as a head in Quanzhou Branch, Fujian Fidelity Law Firm. Lawyer Yang Chaowei masters in areas of Criminal Defense, Administrative Litigation, Labor Affairs, Real Estate Affairs. He was prized as “Excellent D
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Employment Lawyer
DescriptionShenyang International law firm website, based upon Liaoning Sam law Firm,is one of the biggest, comprehensive ,international lawyer website , initiated and sponsored by Shenyang famous lawyer Jerry liu,in cooperation with many distinguished and well experienced lawyers. The Website always follows the working idea of “Harmony is gold and develop hand in hand”.
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Contract Lawyer
DescriptionÜrümqi Yatai Law Firm have "Sincerity, Responsibility, Quality, Efficiency" as our service purposes. We,ll provide the more professional legal service to the society with the traditional spirits.We have the faith to devote ourselves to China,s democratic and legal businesses in the future. Each lawyer was required to abide by the Professional Ethics of Lawyer & Rules of Practicing Policy that for
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General Practice Lawyer
DescriptionThe oldest law firm west of the Yinchuan, Ningxia, Yinchuan Rose Law Firm, is a professional association representing clients in major business matters regionally, nationally, and internationally, all with a local focus that runs deep. From commercial business transactions to complex litigation, our attorneys guide our clients through a full slate of commercial services, from national and local
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Divorce Lawyer
DescriptionIn Sanya, many laws and statutes can influence your case. These include adoption laws, protective orders statutes, child custody laws, property division guidelines, and more. That’s where Sanya Haiyun Law Firm comes in. We are here to help you understand your legal rights during a divorce or other family-related legal dispute in Sanya. Collectively, our Sanya family attorneys have more than 15 yea

Law School List

  • CUPL
  • Bei Jing Law School
    Bei Jing Law School
  • Qing Hua Law School
    Qing Hua Law School
  • Huan Dong Law School
    Huan Dong Law School
  • Ren Min Law School
    Ren Min Law School
  • xi nan law school
    xi nan law school

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Ürümqi Yatai Law Firm have "Sincerity, Responsibility, Quality, Efficiency" as our service purposes. ...