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Longan Nanjing Law Firm

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Longan Nanjing Law Firm was founded at the end of 2009. The establishment of Longan Nanjing lawyers has had a positive meaning in respect to enhancing the overall strength of Longan, reinforcing the..

Longan Nanjing Law Firm Profile

Longan Nanjing Law Firm was founded at the end of 2009. The establishment of Longan Nanjing lawyers has had a positive meaning in respect to enhancing the overall strength of Longan, reinforcing the platform of legal services in the Yangtze River Delta area and achieving leapfrog development for Longan. The partners of Longan Nanjing all graduated from the first-class law schools in China; some lawyers have worked in the high court and the provincial news media, and they have rich experiences in the field of law and have good social relationships. In addition, Longan Nanjing has also hired a number of senior members from the judicial front as business consultants.

Longan Nanjing provides legal services with the entrepreneurial concept of professionalism and specialization. We always try our best to provide highly efficient and high-quality legal services in respect to foreign trade affairs, intellectual property, real estate, corporation law, labor law, etc.

Longan Nanjing Law Firm Practices Areas

1.Intellectual Property

  • Patent, Trademark Prosecutions and Litigation;
  • Computer Software, Domain Name Registrations;
  • Copyright and Customs Registrations;
  • Investigations of IPR Infringements;
  • IPR audits and recommendations for companies starting business in China;
  • Licensing of technology and other types of IPR;
  • Identification and valuation of technology;
  • Technology transfer agreements, confidentiality and NDA;
  • Administrative enforcement actions.

2.Commercial Litigation

  • Civil, Commercial, Administrative Litigation;
  • Patent, Copyright and Trademark Litigation;
  • Maritime and Commercial Arbitration;
  • International and PRC domestic Arbitration;
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR);
  • Cross border Fraud Investigations;
  • Advisory services in Government Investigations and Administrative Proceedings;
  • Advisory services in Criminal Prosecution of Economic Disputes.

3.International Trade

  • International Dispute Resolution;
  • Customs and International Trade;
  • International Licensing and Distribution;
  • PRC Tax Planning and Compliance for Multinational Corporations;
  • Market Entry Issues for Regulated Industries;
  • WOFE and JV Formation;
  • Foreign Representative Office Licensing and Compliance;
  • Work visas, business immigration and foreigner employment;
  • International trade maritime disputes.


  • Securitizations;
  • Domestic and overseas IPOs;
  • Post-IPO financings;
  • Tender offers and hostile takeovers;
  • Disclosure;
  • Corporate and financial bonds;
  • Private placements;
  • Employee incentive plans;
  • Compliance and corporate governance. 

5.Corporate Law

  • Investment and financing services;
  • Shareholding Structure Arrangement;
  • Perennial advice;
  • Viability analysis and due diligence investigation;
  • Reverse merger;
  • MBO and employee stock ownership plan (ESOP);
  • Anti-takeover.

6.Mining & Resources

  • Exploration and mining rights;
  • Purchase Agreements for coal and other commodities;
  • Joint Venture Agreements;
  • Assistance in complying with Mongolian Investment, Incorporation, Labor laws and Tax regulations;
  • Conducting initial due diligence on legal and title aspects of any project;
  • Filing applications for new exploration and mining projects.

7.Real Estate & Construction

  • Guidance through process of assignment, transfer and mortgage of land use right;
  • Dispute resolution associated with process of contract, tenders and various engineering contracts;
  • Advisory services in processes of development, sale, lease, mortgage, bank, loan, auction, cooperation, building removal, heritage and capitalization;
  • Relevant legal services in land expropriation and compensation in real estate projects;
  • Negotiation services with contractors and project management agents; Drafting legal documentation involve in real estate projects.
  • Pension Real Estate & Regimen Project
  • Planning investment programs and transaction structure;
  • Government negotiations and land acquisition;
  • Commercial negotiations;
  • Contract drafting and modification. 

8. Labor & Employment Law

  • Labor dispute resolution;
  • Expats’ tax and social securities compliance;
  • Expats’ work visa;
  • Labor contract due diligence for M&A;
  • Labor law compliance;
  • Overtime and irregular work hours;
  • Employee handbook;
  • Labor contract drafting and management.

9. Finance & Capital Markets

  • Project financing;
  • Corporate financing (including IPOs, secondary issues, debt issues);
  • Private equity (including close-end funds investing, Pre-IPO financing or otherwise);
  • Structured financing;
  • Real estate financing;
  • Securitization of assets;
  • Bank financing (including syndicated loans);
  • Capital trust;
  • Bridge loan;
  • Letter of credit, forfeiting etc.
  • Government regulation advice.

10.Criminal Representation & Defense

  • Representation and advice for criminal suspects in criminal cases;
  • Aid for criminal suspects in filling out petitions or charges;
  • Obtaining a guarantor pending trial;
  • Accepting entrustment by criminal suspects or defendants to act as a defender;
  • Accepting entrustment by private prosecutors in cases of private prosecution, or by the victims of their close relatives.

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