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Qingdao Wanqiao Law Firm is staffed by the lawyers experienced and qualified in law theory and practice. Some of our lawyers are members of the CPPCC Qingdao Committee, Qingdao Lawyer Association, Qingdao Arbitration Committee, Qingdao Labor Dispute Arbitration Committee and advisers of Qingdao’s local governments. Furthermore, many of them have been placed on the list of Shandong and Qingdao’s
Qingdao lawyer
Qingdao lawyer

Qingdao Wanqiao Law Firm Overview

Qingdao Wanqiao Law Firm was established in 2002 in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China and has been recognized and awarded by Qingdao and Shandong Governments for its outstanding legal practice.

Wanqiao adheres to a business philosophy of “Clients, Excellence, Quality and Efficiency” and principle of “Teamwork Approach” to provide clients with professional legal services in the fields of banking & finance, corporation & security, maritime, international trade, labor & employment, real estate, intellectual property protection, government consultation, criminal defense.

Qingdao Wanqiao Law Firm is staffed by the lawyers experienced and qualified in law theory and practice. Some of our lawyers are members of the CPPCC Qingdao Committee, Qingdao Lawyer Association, Qingdao Arbitration Committee, Qingdao Labor Dispute Arbitration Committee and advisers of Qingdao’s local governments. Furthermore, many of them have been placed on the list of Shandong and Qingdao’s Most Respected Lawyers, Qingdao’s Top 10 Young Lawyers, Qingdao’s Top 10 Female Lawyers and Outstanding Staff of Qingdao Judicial Departments.

In the last few years, the firm has seen rapid growth in business practice and cultivated close relationships with many well-known domestic and overseas law firms, commercial consultative and investigative organizations as well as certified accountants. We’ve achieved a reputation for providing our clients with timely and efficient legal services..

Qingdao Wanqiao Law Firm Practice Areas

Real  Estate

Wanqiao real estate lawyers offer broad expertise in handling all manner of real estate transactions and help clients at every stage of real estate, from land use right grant, planning and permitting, constructing and developing, to financing and litigation. Combining the experiences from corporate, banking &finance, commercial, tax, administrative practice, we are good at providing comprehensive service on complex, marginal issues. Our clients include property developer, corporations, banks, contractors, architects and surveyors, government authorities, private client investors and corporations, property managers and incorporated owners.

We represent clients in the following areas:

  • Land-use right grants, transfer, trade and finance
  • Perform due diligence and risk analysis on the project
  • Constructing the project investment
  • Project document management 
  • Land expropriation, land compensation, house removal and compensation
  • Bidding in construction of project
  • Execution, fulfillment of construction contract, finance settlement 
  • Presale, sale, mortgage, lease, heritage of the building
  • Sale and leaseback
  • Property leasing, property management
  • Auctions
  • Real estate litigation 

Corporation and Securities

All major activities of enterprises -from establishment, operation, capital raise, mergers, acquisition, restructure, divestitures, joint ventures, to liquidation, bankrupt, termination may either bring opportunities and confidence or pitfalls and disappointment.  The right structure, careful risk analysis, legal opinions and professional documents and services are always needed.

Corporation & securities is one of the strong practices at Wanqiao. Our corporation team regularly include lawyers experienced in the general corporate, accounting, investment, M&A, labor, real estate, tax, intellectual property issues who are capable of providing high quality services to the clients including enterprise group, state-owned enterprise, foreign invested enterprise and private enterprises.

Our corporation & securities practice include:

1. Establishment & Investment 

Depending on client’s need, we provide the most effective structure and take part in negotiations.

We assist the client evaluate the business partner and perform due diligence.

We draft, review the sponsor’s agreement, bylaws as well as the related agreements on land using, construction, loan.

We go through the approval and registration procedure for establishing legal entities and help to complete the post-establishment registration procedure.

2. Corporation Governance

We provide the clients with the comprehensive corporation governance legal advice and documents, including the revise of the bylaws, the establishment, power allocation and rules of procedure of the shareholder’s meeting, the board of directors and the board of supervisors. 

We help the clients decide the most effective structure of the senior executives and top managers and the responsibilities, power and interests of them. 

3. M & A

We incorporate our experience of tax, investment, labor, IP, environment, antitrust to provide our clients high quality service covering all phase of the transactions of numerous types of mergers and acquisitions from structuring, negotiation to closing.

We assist the client evaluate the business partner, perform due diligence, take part in the negotiation on behalf of the client and provide legal advice on the transaction.

We draft, review the letter of intent, the final agreement and the related agreements.

We go through the approval and registration procedure and help to complete the post-establishment registration procedure.

4. Transaction of enterprise’s asset and equity interests

·We assist the clients in enterprise’s asset sale and purchase, share transfer, capital increase and decrease, mortgage or pledge subject to the asset, pledge of the share right, property leasing. 

5. Liquidation and dissolution

· We guide the enterprise setting up the liquidation committee, draft rules of procedure of the liquidation committee, structuring the liquidation plan, dealing with the credits and debts of the enterprise, as well as the closing of liquidation and complete the cancellation registration.

·we provide the enterprises in bankrupt, their creditors and the potential investors comprehensive and all angle services. 

6.  Securities 

We provide legal services in the area of initial public offerings, the issuance of corporate bonds including advising on corporate restructuring frameworks, conducting legal due diligence, assisting in executing restructuring plans, drafting restructuring agreements, shareholders’ and investment agreements, affiliated transaction agreements, articles of association, and other related legal documents, assisting with establishing and optimizing corporate governance systems, assisting in preparing prospectuses.

maritime commerce


Wanqiao’s shipping group consist lawyers who had plenty experience working for maritime safety administration authorities, shipping, insurance and int’l trade companies with the technical qualification of first engineer and insurance assessor. Wanqiao provides professional services for shipowners, charterers, operators, brokers, underwriters, P&I, shipbuilders, repair yards, trading companies, port operators, freight forwarders and logistics companies.

Our corporation & securities practice include:


  • Ships collision, contact and grounding
  • salvage, towage, wreck removal
  • Oil pollution and environmental damage
  • Fire, General and particular average
  • Personal injury, professional negligence
  • applying limitation of maritime liability
  • Manning, crew manning
  • Port operation
  • Shipping and marine dispute resolution practices, including preservation of maritime claims (arrest of ship and distaining cargo) and preservation of the evidences
  • administrative litigation related to maritime affairs

2. Maritime 

  • Marine insurance: hull insurance, builder risks insurance, cargo insurance, P&I, oil pollution insurance;
  • Bills of lading, sea waybills and through bills
  • Bareboat charters, time charters and voyage charters
  • Coastal transport
  • Agency agreements, shipping agency and cargo forwarding, shipping management and broker business
  • Logistics and multi-modal transport
  • Salvage contracts and towage 
  • Marine engineering contracts, ocean exploitation and utilization

3. ship 

  • ship building and ship repair
  • ship purchase, bareboat charters
  • ship registration, ship ownership registration, ship mortgage registration, bareboat registration
  • ship export and import
  • ship reconstruction, ship demolition

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance is the strongest practice of Wanqiao. The group’s lawyers have accumulated experience working for the four Chinese asset management corporations, China Construction Bank, China CITIC Bank, Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, and the other financial institutions. 

WE provide services as follows: 

  • Compliance and regulatory advice
  • Loans, assurance and credit cards affairs
  • non-performing loans and debt collection
  • Projects Financing
  • Futures
  • L/C and International Factoring
  • Settlement and bills 
  • International and domestic operational lease and financial lease
  • Assets securitization and structured finance
  • Trade financing
  • Real estate finance
  • Mergers and acquisitions finance 
  • Bankruptcy/debt restructurings
  • Derivatives and financial products 

Labor & Employment

Nowadays in China, the laws and regulations governing relationships between employers and employees are being much more than anytime before. The human resources management work is never as important as well as complex as today in China. 

Qingdao Wanqiao Law Firm’s labor& Employment team includes professional lawyers with experience and qualification in handling labor & Employment affairs. Some of them have served as full-or part-time members of the Qingdao Labor Dispute Arbitration Committee. Wanqiao also has hired senior arbitrators, experts and scholars for the team and established stable contact with various departments for policy making and implementation to ensure the latest information and assure correct application of the laws and regulations.

Our labor& Employment lawyers are qualified in laws, regulations and government policies concerning labor issues and have experience in organizing systematic training programs, symposium lectures and preparation of labor management regulations. Over the past years of practice our lawyer have collected integral experience in handling labor law related issues in terms of theory and practice, especially in handling those difficult and complex cases. 

We provide legal service for all sides of your HR management:

1. Common labor law practice

We provide consult on the execution, fulfillment, modification, termination, renewal of the labor contract and the collective bargaining agreement.

We provide consult on labor remuneration, working hours, rest and vacation, discipline and award system, performance valuation, occupational safety and health, social insurance and welfare, employee training etc.

We keep clients informed on proposed legislation and regulations affecting all aspects of the employment relationship, and support clients with seminars, conferences, specialist newsletters.

2. Review, draft and revise all kinds of contracts & papers related to labor & employment

We review all kinds of labor & employment contracts, the enterprise labor system and regulations and the employees manual applying in the enterprise and provide our legal opinions to make sure the contents of the paper are lawful and for the clients benefit. 

If the clients are new founded enterprise, we help to draft and revise the labor contract, collective contract, employee training contract, confidential & non-competition agreement, employees manual, enterprise labor regulations, so that to help the clients set up the HR management system.

3. Training and tutoring the HR managers and staff

We provide the clients the training and tutoring service to guide their HR managers comply with the current laws and regulations when they deal with the labor issues 

4. Labor dispute resolving - Reconciliation by negotiation, arbitration and litigation

We provide professional opinion on the labor dispute and also bring up the resolving ways for your consideration.

We take part in the negotiation as the enterprise lawyer with the employee involved.

We represent enterprise in labor arbitration and labor litigation.

5. Specific labor law practice

We provide professional opinions and plans on the labor issue under the specific situation of the enterprises, e.g. mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and liquidation, separating, business major changes.

Criminal Defense

Our Criminal Defense team regularly include lawyers with abundant experience who can assess the clients situation and help the client make the right decisions to deal with the problem effectively. We are familiar with the detail legal rules of crime, penalty as well as the criminal procedure law. We also are familiar with local courts and procuratorates. At every stage of the criminal procedure, we could help to formulate sentencing programs tailored to a client's specific needs. 

We provide defense service to the cases related to the following crimes at every stage of the procedure:

  • Crime of Endangering the Public Security 
  • Crime of Producing or Selling Fake or Inferior Commodities 
  • Crime of Smuggling 
  • Crime of Disrupting the Order of Administering Companies and Enterprises 
  • Crime of Disrupting the Order of Banking Administration 
  • Crime of Financial Fraud 
  • Crime of Jeopardizing the Administration of Tax Collection 
  • Crime of Infringing upon Intellectual Property 
  • Crime of Disturbing Market Order 
  • Crime of Infringing upon the Citizen's Personal or Democratic Right 
  • Crime of Encroaching on Property 
  • Crime of Disturbing the Public Order 
  • Crime of Impairing Judicial Activities 
  • Crime of Impairing Control of the Border (Frontier) 
  • Crime of Impairing Control of Cultural Relics 
  • Crime of Jeopardizing Public Health 
  • Crime of Undermining Protection of Environment or Resources 
  • Crime of Smuggling, Trafficking in, Transporting or Producing Drugs 
  • Crime of Organizing, Forcing, Luring, Sheltering or Introducing Women into Prostitution 
  • Crime of Producing, Selling or Spreading Obscene Articles 
  • Crime of Embezzlement or Bribery 
  • Crime of Dereliction of Duty 
  • Crime of the Serviceman's Violation of Duty

Intellectual Property

Wan Qiao has years of experience in intellectual property legal affairs range from patent, trademark, trade secret, copyrights, domain name and unfair competition. Our IP team has obtained successful results in registration, protection and investment of intellectual property. Our services include:

  • Advising on strategies for intellectual property in general; 
  • Conducting market and company investigations on IP infringement; 
  • Acting as agents Ad Litem in IP litigation;
  • Prosecuting trademark applications, undertaking trademark opposition procedures, reviews on refusal and cancellations;
  • Advising on trademark related issues arising in commercial transactions including licensing and franchising;
  • Intellectual Property Investment affairs;
  • Pursuing judicial review of administrative decisions at the court;
  • Enforcing trademark rights through administrative and judicial channels ;
  • Other intellectual property related matters.;

Commerce & Inte’l Trade

Wan Qiao provides a comprehensive range of legal support relating to domestic and international trade in goods and services. Wan Qiao Commerce & Inte’l Trade group consist lawyers who had plenty experience working for large Im/Ex companies, trading companies as well as large industry companies. We have extensive experiences on all aspects of the domestic and international commercial business and help you deal with legal issues at various stages of the business. 

The group’s practice includes:

  • International & domestic trade agreement negotiation
  • Import & export business consultation
  • All kinds of commercial contracts
  • Letters of credit and guarantees
  • International payment and settlement 
  • Foreign exchange control
  • Trade-related taxation
  • Customs, commodities and quality inspections
  • Debt recovery
  • Dispute resolution (mediation/arbitration/litigation)
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards and court judgements

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