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Sichuan Tahota Law Firm

Law Firm
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As a leading comprehensive Sichuan law firm, Tahota Chengdu lawyers devotes itself to provide the customers with all-around one-stop legal services. Tahota Law Firm has thirty departments.

Introduction of Sichuan Tahota Law Firm

Tahota Law Firm was established on May 25, 2000, and it is a large law firm in special general partnership. At present, it has established the offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hong kong, Jinan, Kunming, Lahsa, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Washington(member firm).

As a leading comprehensive Sichuan law firm, Tahota Chengdu lawyers devotes itself to provide the customers with all-around one-stop legal services. Tahota Law Firm has thirty departments including Company Business Department, Financial Business Department, Security Business Department, International Business Department, Real Estate Department, Intellectual Property Department, Litigation and Arbitration Department, Government Legal Department, Enterprise Reorganization and Liquidation Department, Criminal Defense Department, Environmental Energy Department, Healthy and Medical Department, Legal Research Department and so on.

Tahota constantly pursues innovation and excellence, and it has become the largest law firm in central-western China at present. Tahota has more than 130 partners and approximate 800 practicing lawyers, assistant lawyers and administrative employees. The partners are respectively skillful in specific professional fields, most lawyers were graduated from famous law schools at home and abroad, and dozens of lawyers have studied abroad with the doctoral degree.

Tahota has wide customer groups and strategic partners, including both transnational corporation and large state-owned enterprises, both traditional manufacturing industry and service industries such as bank, insurance company, private equity, real estate, media, communication technology and the like, and it also establishes close cooperative relation which many governmental agencies.

By the division of labor based on specialization, Tahota has deeply explored and developed in many business fields, and Tahota is always on the cutting edge of legal service both in traditional business field and in the emerging business field. Tahota has been highly praised by the customers because of its excellent service level and outstanding working performance and won high approval and attention of more and more foreign and domestic legal rating agencies for than a decade.

In order to ensure that Tahota lawyers bring their academic level, ideology and occupational cultivation into correspondence with international advanced level, Tahota  has established good cooperation and business cooperative relationships with various famous law firms in America, England, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and so on.

Practice Areas

Real Estate/Construction Project (Including Infrastructure)/Project

The business of this field is jointly launched by nearly 50 members including managing partners, professional lawyers, assistant lawyers, and secretaries.Currently, the law firm has nearly over 300 real estate development enterpriseclients including Sun Hung Kai, Jinma Taiji, Hutchison Whampoa, China Overseas Property, Vanke,China Resources, Poly, R&F Properties, Longhu, Chengdu Zhixin, Wanhua, Agile,Fantasia and BRC. Currently, Tahota Law Firm has most real estate development  clients in China.

Main Services in the field

·        Real estate financing (including company M&A, splitting and other restructuring business)

·        Project land consolidation

·        Full-process legal affair management of real estate development projects

·        Full-process legal affair management of construction engineering projects

·        Large property investment attraction management

·        Legal management scheme customization services in special property projects

·        Legal affairs services in property service field

·        Various lawsuits in real estate field


The business of this field is jointly launched by nearly 40 senior lawyers most of whom own abundant experience of legal work and relevant financial legal practice in financial institutions. They are able to provide each legal serviceinvolved in financial field.

Main Services in the field

·        Capital market legal services

·        Bill legal services

·        Trust legal services

·        Foreign exchange legal services

·        International settlement legal services

·        Financing lease legal services

·        International financing legal services

·        Insurance legal services

·        LC legal services

Corporate Commerce/M&A/Bankruptcy Liquidation

The business of this field is jointly launched by 5 partners and over 30 senior lawyers with abundant practice experience and profound theoretical foundation in fields like bankruptcy liquidation, enterprise restructuring, assets reorganization,company management and financial taxation. They provides full-process legal services for establishment, change, daily legal affair management, major M&A, bankruptcy recombination and liquidation of corporate clients including various kinds of companies and large enterprise groups. Three groups,i.e. Comprehensive Group, Resource Management Group and Financial Liquidation Group are established. Also, they provide permanent legal consulting services for corporate clients.

Main Services in the Field

·        Legal affairs of company establishment

·        Legal affairs of merger and acquisition

·        Legal affairs of company restructuring, recombination, assets liquidation, risk prevention,etc.

·        Legal affairs of corporate governance

·        Company crisis handling

·        Legal affairs of internal control of listed companies

·        Enterprise dissolution and liquidation

·        Application for bankruptcy, reform or settlement on behalf of debtors

·        Application for bankruptcy and reform of debtors or application to bankrupt enterprises forvcreditor’s    rights on behalf of creditors

·        Implementation of bankruptcy and reform as a manager

Securities Listing/Capital Market

Tahota Law Firm is one of law firms allowed to engage in securities legal service business with the approval of China’s securities supervision administration. The business of this field is jointly launched by over 30 senior lawyers with abundant experience in securities legal affairs.

Main Services in the field

·        Securities issuance and listing

·        Fund management legal affairs

·        Securities dispute resolution

·        Legal services of creditor’s rights

Intellectual Property Rights (Including Biological Medicine/Energy/Mineral Resources)

Over 30lawyers, patent agents, trademark and copyright agents and technological service commissioners are engaged in this field. The number of patent lawyers of Tahota Law Firm ranks the first place in Central and West China. Also, the aw firm has several lawyers with American attorney qualification and most members of this team were graduated from international and domestic first-class schools with abundant intellectual property rights practice experience. The irmajors involve litigation, arbitration, mediation and non-litigation fields like chemical engineering, electronics, machinery, energy, metallurgy, physics,and biological medicine.

Main Services in the Field

·        Patent

·        Trademark

·        Copyright

·        Business secrets

·        International intellectual property rights services (multiple languages)

·        E-commerce comprehensive legal services

·        Comprehensive intellectual property rights legal services

·        Other intellectual property rights legal services

Government Regulation and Compliance

This field is a new business field launched by the law firm. Tahota Law Firm has provided legal services for many government departments for a long term and established favorable partnershipwith these departments.

Main Services in the field

·        Government legal consulting services

·        Legal services of administrative dispute cases

·        Other legal services involving government legal relations


This department mainly comprises expert members, arbitrators and senior HR managers of labor and personnel dispute arbitration committee.Currently, a HR professional lawyer team comprising over 30 members has already been established. Tahota has successfully served nearly 1,000 enterprises and public institutions including Fortune 500enterprises and the types of clients include foreign enterprises,foreign-funded enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises,collective enterprises, government office and public institutions. Besides,Tahota Law Firm has successfully handled over 10,000 HR disputes and cases. The excellent legal services provided by Tahota Law Firm have obtained unanimous praise from many clients.

Main Services in the field

·        Employment environment investigation

·        Design and optimization of enterprise employment scheme and posts

·        Design and optimization of enterprise HR management system

·        Remuneration design and optimization

·        Establishment and optimization of enterprise rules and regulations

·        Core employee reward and motivation system design

·        Female employee risk prevention

·        Employee resignation management

·        Enterprise downsizing

·        Business secret management

·        Enterprise HR management forensic work and archives management

·        HR management training

International Trade and Cross-border Investments and Financing

This field is a main business field of thelaw firm. This field is jointly launched by a batch of senior lawyers withabundant experience in foreign-related legal services. Most of them haveMaster’s Degree and above in famous colleges and universities in Great Britain,USA, Germany, Japan, Australia and Hong Kong and they are able to provideclients with exquisite foreign language legal services including English,Germany and Japan.

Main Services in the field

·        Foreign-funded enterprise establishment services and legal consulting

·        Cross-border financing and M&A legal services

·        Legal advice and consulting for transnational corporations

·        Foreign-related litigation and arbitration agency

·        Overseas listing legal consulting

·        International trade legal services

·        Coordination of relationships between foreign investors and local government agencies

·        Other foreign-related legal business

Dispute Resolution and Domestic and Foreign Litigation/Arbitration

The business of this field is jointly launched by over 40 lawyers and over 20 assistants. It is one of the largest groups in the law firm. Lawyers in this field have accepted professional education in prestigious law schools in China and some lawyers had work experience in judicial organs including public security department, procuratorate and court and served as part-time arbitrators in relevant professional arbitration organizations around the country. Therefore, they have abundant treatment experience in litigation and arbitration affairs.

Main Services in the field

·        Civil, economic, criminal and administrative litigation

·        Domestic arbitration

·        Foreign-related litigation and arbitration agency

·        International trade arbitration

·        Maritime affair and commerce arbitration

·        Other arbitration fields

Specific details

Lawyer Status Lawyer active.


Chengdu, Sichuan



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