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Ürümqi Yatai Law Firm

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Ürümqi Yatai Law Firm have "Sincerity, Responsibility, Quality, Efficiency" as our service purposes. We,ll provide the more professional legal service to the society with the traditional spirits.We have the faith to devote ourselves to China,s democratic and legal businesses in the future. Each lawyer was required to abide by the Professional Ethics of Lawyer & Rules of Practicing Policy that for
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Ürümqi Yatai Law Firm Profile

Ürümqi Yatai Law Firm have "Sincerity, Responsibility, Quality, Efficiency" as our service purposes. We,ll  provide the more professional legal service to the society with the traditional spirits.We have the faith to devote ourselves to China,s democratic and legal businesses in the future. Each lawyer was required to abide by the Professional Ethics of Lawyer & Rules of Practicing Policy that formulated by the China National Lawyers Association. They are also required to obey the rules and regulations of the Firm & defend the reputations of lawyers & the Firm. We have an independent department to receive and handle the complaints from the clients.

Our Main Businesses

1.Legal consulting service for the citizen, legal entity and other organizations upon the request.

2.Legal representation for the civil and administrative cases and to attend the arbitration.

3.Legal consulting for the criminal suspect. To be the agent of appeal and accuse. Ask the post a bail and await trial with restricted liberty of moving for the client. To be the defender on the request of the criminal suspect and defendant or from the authority of the People's Court.To 

be the agent of the defendant in a case of private prosecution and lawsuit of public prosecution and to attend the lawsuits.

4.Legal representation for the appeal to the different lawsuit cases.

5.To attend conciliate and arbitration upon the request of the client.

6.Legal consulting for the client of non-lawsuit cases.

7.Answer the legal questions, written lawsuits and other legal affairs documents.

Main Achievements

As one of the most famous law firm in Ürümqi, we have first-class quality, good working ethic and serious working style. We have successful achievements. You can trust us.

Undertaken over 3000 lawsuit cases

The cases concerned the field of industry, commercial, realty, finance & securities, international trade, investment, contracting & leasing and intellectual property. Most of them are important and complicated cases, and were reported several times in the home and abroad media.

Undertaken a great deal of non-lawsuit cases The legal affairs like bank-loaning, fund-raising, company listing, bonds leasing, share reforming,assets reorganizing of state-owned enterprises, developing and marketing of  realty,merger and liquidation of the enterprises,acquisition and transferring of the intellectual rights, examination and certification of the contracts. Total amount concerned hundreds of million yuan (CNY).We are extinguishing in the trade in Ürümqi.

Be the legal counsels for over 300 institutions.

We are the long-term legal counsels of the biggest state assets managing institution, the one of biggest group corporations and the one of biggest universities in Ürümqi.

Organization Structure 

The Partners Board is the highest organization in APTLF. It makes policies and directions for the  Firm's  development. 

The Management Committee is made up of some partners, lawyers and administrative officials. It carries out the decisions made by the Partners Board and in charges the daily work. 

We have Administrative & Personnel Department, Accounting Department and Business Department. 

They in charge their own duties. 

The Business Department is divided into several sections like: Lawsuit & Arbitration, Investment & Company Real Estate, Finance & Securities and Intellectual Property. The professional lawyer has his or her own specialties.

Management System


All our legal businesses were undertaken regularly.

We have rules on legal advisory civil and commercial, administration and criminal,arbitration and non-lawsuit cases.

Cases management

We have the quality management system on closing and settling the cases. We shall recommend the excellent cases and lawyers to the relevant institutions after appraise in the end of the year.

Cooperation system

Compose lawyers in a team to handle the important and complicated cases.

Supervision system.

The partners in charged the business conduct the outgoing cases regularly. The Administrative & Personnel Department receives the complaints from the clients.

Training system

We hold the professional seminar every two weeks. The lawyers can learn the latest laws and judicial interpretations. They would exchange each other's experience, discus the difficult cases and open the lecture on legal thesis.

Further education program

Routinely trained the licensed lawyers on specific law. Sent the excellent lawyers to receive the further educational courses in the home and abroad universities.

Experts consulting system

We have established the long-term cooperation with the Law Institute of China Academy of Social Science, Southwest University of Politic Science & Law, Law College of Zhongshan University,Law College of Shuzhou University and Beiyang Patent Agency office of Tianjin University. We often invite the famous legal experts and scholars to analyze the typical and complicated cases in order to promote the lawyers' level.

Cooperated with the field

We have long-term relationship with other law firms in domestic and overseas; therefore we can exchange the trade information in time and get the convenience to handle the cases in the country.

Team-working spirit

We have complete and reasonable divisions.  Our lawyers have their own specialties. We have strong cooperated spirits. We will compose our lawyers in a team to handle important and complicated cases in order to guarantee the service quality.

Social Affairs

Our clients are mostly large and medium enterprises. We have established good relations with business circle.

We have close relations with legislative institution, government, and judicial andarbitrary organizations.

We are the legal counsels of many important governmental institutions for several years. Some of our lawyers have taken part in the researching and drafting work of important policies.

We have taken part in the legislative advisory activities of the Standing Committee of Ürümqi People's Congress. We offered the professional advises on the decisions of the local laws.

We are also the counsels of Proposal Commission of Ürümqi People's Political Consultative Conference. We actively masterminded for the reform and opening of Ürümqi and the economic constructions.

We participate vigorously in the arbitration work. Three lawyers in our firm are the arbitrators of Ürümqi Arbitration Commission. And one of them is the member of Experts Advisory of the Commission.

We have taken part in the kinds of activities of Ürümqi Lawyers Association.The Lawyers attend the executive meeting of the Association.Some of our lawyers are the independent directors of famous group corporations. They have taken part in the policy decision of the giant enterprises. They are familiar to the internal operation of the enterprise and know the needs of legal services from the enterprises.

Ürümqi Yatai Law Firm Practice Areas

Lawsuit and Arbitration Section 

One of our main businesses is lawsuit and arbitration. We have the rich  experiences that handled over 3000 lawsuit cases in the country. We have a group of professional lawyers and arbitrators to provide the legal affairs for you on the civil litigation, economic litigation, administrative adjudication, criminal defenses and arbitration. 

Civil disputes-civil contract disputes, marriage and family property disputes, copartner disputes, personal right disputes, damage and compensation disputes, infringe the consumer's rights, labor disputes, etc. 

Economic disputes-different kinds of economic contract disputes like buying and selling, loaning, leasing,cooperating,contract of work, transportation, contract of deposit, contract of storage,contract for authorization of loans by mandate, contract of commission agency, contract of brokerage,covenant of warranty, encroachment disputes, maritime disputes, etc.

Criminal cases-providing legal assistance, get somebody to post bail and await trial, to be the advocate and agent.

Administrative adjudication-be the agent to the citizen and legal entity who are dissent to the exact actions of administrative organizations. Answering the action for the administrative organization.

Arbitration-be the labor arbitration, domestic economic arbitration and international trade arbitration.

Investment and Company

The foundation, operation, management, development and investment should influence the company's profits directly. It's very important to have the legal knowledge for the company. We have been the legal counsels for hundreds  of different kinds of enterprises in ten years. We have professional lawyers to provide the legal services on the company's management for you.

Formation & registration - legal advisory, legal documents drafting, be the agent for the formation, registration and change of the company.

Operation & management - set up the rules and regulations, contracts and other legal documents drafting, participate negotiations, handle the financial, tax and labor relations, providing legal training, etc.

Merging-analyze the condition of companies, make up merger contract drafting, participate the negotiations, provide the legal suggestions, etc.

Bankrupt & liquidation-assist to set up the group to draft the relevant contract and legal documents to settle credits and debts, to join the procedure of bankrupt and liquidation.

Remolding-make plan for stock system remolding, drafting contract and other legal documents

Investments-provide legal suggestions, figure out the project, join the negotiation, draft the contracts, and handle different kinds of disputes.

Real Estate Section

Realty business has been a new important industry in China. The development, marketing,  

transferring, mortgage of realty have involved a lot of legal affairs. We have the professional team to provide the high quality legal services for the developer, constructor, buyer and seller of commercial apartments. 

Development-draft contracts for assignment of the right to the use, transferring, leasing and mortgage of land, the relevant legal affairs of exploration, planing, relocation and construction.

Transferring-draft and witness the advance sales contract, to be the agent of the contract, 

provide legal services to developer, broker, owner on apartments sales in domestic and overseas including credit investigation, contract drafting, participate negotiation, sign the assignment contract, to be agent of registration and contract witnesses, etc.

Mortgage-representative in registration, changing and cancellation of mortgage, credit investigation, negotiation, contract drafting, legal advisory, etc.

Releasing-credsing-credit investigation, drafting and inspecting the contract, rental collected.

Disputes-representative in lawsuit and arbitration cases concerned the construction, plan, market, mortgage, lease, relocation, realty management, etc

Finance & Stock Section

We are one of the first law firms that gained the Credentials of Stock & Bond for Law Firm  

that approved by Ministry of Justice of the P.RC.and China Securities Regulatory Commission. Our main businesses are on the project funding, bank loaning, company listing, and issuing bonds overseas. In recent years, we got rich experiences on financial and  security affairs.

Finance-governmental loaning and loan releasing, commercial loan, project loaning, international debts, bank mortgage, fund-raising, releasing, foreign currency, commercial instrument, insurance and trust.

Security-company founded,marketing and exchanging of securities and endowment, purchasing and anti-purchasing of listed companies, assets reorganization.

Disputes-representative in lawsuit and arbitration cases concerned finance and securities.

Intellectual Property Section

It's the time of intellectual knowledge economy. It's very important to gain and protect your intellectual property. It's also very important to compete in the market with the protection of the intellectual property after China joined WTO. 

Patent-consulting service and legal assistance for patent of invention, patent of utility model, design patent.

Trademark-consulting service and legal assistance for registration, transferring, investment and mortgage of trademark.

Copyright-consulting service and legal assistance for possession,transferring, succession, publisher and software of computer, etc.

Nonpatented technology-consulting service for development, transferring, advisory and technology supporting.

Intellectual patent protection-be agent for the lawsuit and arbitration cases of patent rights, trademark rights and noopatented technology.

Specific details

Lawyer Status Urumqi lawyer active.


Ürümqi, Xinjiang



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