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Shenyang International law firm website, based upon Liaoning Sam law Firm,is one of the biggest, comprehensive ,international lawyer website , initiated and sponsored by Shenyang famous lawyer Jerry liu,in cooperation with many distinguished and well experienced lawyers. The Website always follows the working idea of “Harmony is gold and develop hand in hand”.

Shenyang Lawyer
Shenyang Lawyer

Shenyang International law firm Profile

Shenyang International law firm website, based upon Liaoning Sam law Firm,is one of the biggest, comprehensive ,international lawyer website , initiated and sponsored by Shenyang famous lawyer Jerry liu,in cooperation with many distinguished and well experienced lawyers. The Website always follows the working idea of “Harmony is gold and develop hand in hand”.

Shenyang International law firm website is a website of foresight. Any achievements taken by our lawyers are closely related with our clients since the day our law firm is founded.  The policy modification and the choice of strategy is oriented by the existing and potential clients. Under the framework of WTO system, our law firm is in line with “Shenyangis the base, Northeast is development area, face to the whole nation and give consideration to the whole world”. Local and international sources of cases are uniformly put into consideration. Our law firm has set up business partnership with many countries and zones, such as, American, British, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. successful cases are more than one hundred during the cooperation, which means our law firm may provide high quality legal services for British and American Legal system.

Shenyang International law firm website is a specialized, cooperative and comprehensive website. The specialized management mechanism and the mode of team work is always the rule of our website. Our website is oriented by knowledge, with a group of fully experienced, highly qualified, versatile lawyers. Our website is formed by a work team of a dozens of famous specialists, scholars, doctors , masters and associates from famous schools in china .Part of our lawyers has the professional titles of economists, accountants or engineers, etc. Our lawyers focus on the specialized development, in consideration with overall cooperation and coordination. Our law firm regularly organizes professional study and invites famous and fully experienced specialists for discussion and forum. The business scopes include civil, economic, criminal, administrative litigation, enterprises and public institution, government perennial legal counsel, legal counsel of a certain zone , individual legal counsel, management of reform of policy and disposal of disputes of a variety of national enterprises and public intuitions , litigation cases and non-litigation business of finance, insurance, tax, building and engineering ,real estate ,tendering and bidding ,government purchasing ,railway ,highway and air transportation, intellectual property, medical disputes, physical damages, international trade, investment ,securities, futures business, labors and personnel, property in heritage, adoption and fostering ,contract disputes, and marriage and family ,etc.

Shenyang International law firm website is a website of glorious achievements. Many  lawyers are distinguished lawyers inside and outside Liaoning province. They have ever acted as agents or defense lawyers for many big and difficult cases in the area, even in the scope of the whole nation. Part of the famous cases are as follows: the case of robbing, kidnapping and killing by criminal Li, the case of fraud of 3.5billion Yuan by criminals Wang and Pan, the debt case owed by B company to A Bank, the case of M&A contract dispute between A company to B foreign Company .all the deputy work help the relevant clients to save the loss no less than one billion. The lawyers in our law firm have ever attended the programs and published essays through many news media. Many cases and deeds of our lawyers was reported and published by Shenyang TV, Liaoning legal Education Newspaper, Liao-Shen Night Newspaper, Shenyang Night Newspaper, Era Commercial Newspaper, Liaoning Peasant Newspaper, etc. Our lawyers have ever provided good services for no less than one hundreds of Companies, such as, the legal counsel of Liaoning Yige-haoer Realty Co., Ltd, Liaoning Supply and Selling Cooperative, Shenyang FangLiao Stocks Co.,Ltd, Sheyang Dongyuan Heating Co.,Ltd, Shenyang Bangde Intellectual Co.,Ltd. All the services were highly evaluated with one accord by our clients.

Shenyang law firm website is a website with wide public and social sources. Our law firm pays a certain attention to keep close and stable work relations with relevant organizations of legislation, administration and judicial system, Based on it, our law firm can grasp accurately the actual application of existing law, regulation and local policies and new trend of legislation. And meanwhile, we can regularly coordinate and corporate widely with government, enterprise, TV stations and the Presses. Our law firm also keeps a good relation with many famous media organization, such as Security Company, Investment Company, law firm, accountant firm, property evaluation firm, and commercial committee, lawyer’s association home and abroad.

Shenyang law firm website is a website of modernization. Our law firm is next to Municipal Square and Intermediate People’s Court of Shenyang City. Our law firm is a highly decorated official scriptorium with an area of 200 hundred square meters. Our lawyers and associates can work with high efficiency in such elegant circumstances with modern individual telephones and computes ,such pretty good working circumstances serve as a reliable safeguard for us to provide legal services with high efficiency and good quality.

Shenyang International law firm Practice Areas

In addition to its noted leadership in employment litigation, Our Firm has a history of success and accomplishment in four critical practices: criminal law, sport and entertainment law, civil rights, and catastrophic torts. 

Criminal Law

Under the leadership of former prosecutor Mr. Wang, the Firm has handled an array of high profile criminal cases. Specifically, Our Firm represents individuals, business executives, partners at law firms, and corporations at every stage of the criminal process in federal and state court, including during grand jury proceedings, plea negotiations, sentencing, trials and appeals.

As former federal and state prosecutors, our attorneys have presented hundreds of cases to the grand jury and are thus intimately familiar with the process and how to avoid indictment. We also have substantial experience conducting internal or government investigations and can provide legal assistance with respect to corporate compliance and drafting and formulating codes of conduct and company policies.

Sports & Entertainment

The Firm has a thriving sports and entertainment practice. Our clients include professional athletes, well-known actors, performers, top models, writers, producers, directors and executives in the motion picture, television and radio, music, literary and other entertainment industries. We represent these and other clients in the sports and entertainment industries on matters ranging from the negotiation of contracts to talent management and related business and personal advice, merchandising, licensing, branding and marketing deals.

We also provide aggressive, expert representation in the litigation and arbitration of contractual and other disputes for clients in these unique and highly specialized industries.

Civil Rights Litigation

Our Firm handles civil rights cases, including representing individuals who have been discriminated against with regard to public accommodations, have been the victim of police brutality or have had their First Amendment or a Due Process rights violated. We represented a group of individuals who brought claims of racial profiling against a famous local Departments Stores. Our Firm also was instrumental in convincing the Government Department of Justice to reopen the horrific 1995 murder case of a famous person, still widely regarded as the catalyst for our nation’s civil rights movement. We also received a multi-million verdict on behalf of a public employee in Nassau County whose due process rights were violated when she was terminated.

Our reputation, advocacy skills and dedication to our clients prove invaluable at a time when your civil rights have been violated.

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