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Xiaohua Sara Chen

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Ms. Chen is a Beijing lawyer practicing at JunHe LLP Beijing office. Her areas of expertise are Anti-trust, Competition and China anti-monopoly laws. To find a Beijing lawyer, she is a good pick.

Ms. Chen is a Beijing lawyer practicing at JunHe LLP Beijing office. Her areas of expertise are Anti-trust, Competition and International Trade.

Ms. Chen graduated with LLB from Peking University Law School in 1987, and graduated from the International Economic Law Graduate Program in 1988; after going to the United States in 1992 Ms. Chen respectively studied at University of Baltimore (Maryland) and Wayne Sate University (Michigan), obtained degrees of MBA and LLM, and was admitted as a member of the State Bar of Michigan and the American Bar Association.

Ms. Chen previously worked as legal counsel at China Agribusiness Development Trust & Investment Corporation, Beijing participating in investment project development, feasibility study, negotiations, contract drafting, performance management, dispute settlement and litigation. Ms. Chen also worked at a Michigan law firm Lee Shyu and Dennis Cleary for six years.

Ms. Chen has worked at JunHe Law offices since 2005. Ms. Chen specializes in merger control law and corporate antitrust compliance matters, and assist various multinational companies in PRC antitrust filings for their offshore and onshore transactions in different business areas such as EMS, mining and minerals, steel manufacturing, automobiles and auto parts manufacturing, heavy duty machinery, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cargo and transportation, energies, power transmission and distribution, hard drive disks, etc.

Ms. Chen attends various international lawyer association conferences and gives presentations on antitrust law and practice at many competition group meetings as well as for various corporate legal training. Ms. Chen actively participates in PRC government legislation and provides comments on various drafts of relevant antitrust laws and regulations. Ms. Chen also writes articles on antitrust law for JunHe Legal Updates and various international lawyer publications.

If you are going to find a Beijing lawyer, Ms. Chen is a good pick. Finding more information about Ms. Chen's information, please visit

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