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Find the best China lawyers by major cities in china

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Real Property Lawyer
DescriptionDue to our professional team's rich experience in legal practice or corporate business, Zhuhai Mingmen Law Firm Law Firm enjoys exceptional advantages in providing legal service to companies and specializes in general and specific legal counsel. The clients we served or are serving include state-owned enterprises, listed companies, foreign-invested enterprises, large private enterprises and
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Law Schools
DescriptionAs a classic discipline of social sciences with a profound history and lasting vigor, law is the learning of rules and rights, of administration and fairness, and more importantly, of governance and justice. In A.D. 1088, the birth of the world’s first law school in Bologna heralded a new era when few institution could be named a “university” without the subject of law or law school. As a part of
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Law Schools
DescriptionFounded in 1950, Renmin Law School became the first leading institution of higher legal education in the People,s Republic of China. Renowned as the “cradle” of law education and outstanding jurists in China, Renmin Law School creates a high-level platform for law education and law exchange between China and the rest of the world. Over the past six decades, Renmin Law School has made lasting contr
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Criminal Lawyer
DescriptionOne of the most respected, progressive and dynamic law firms at Quanzhou, Xiamen, Min Wing law firm takes a holistic approach to the practice of law. We are completely integrated and focus on providing clients with seamless access to the in-depth knowledge of our diverse range of practice areas. Fujian Min Wing law firm is by the National Ministry of Justice and the judicial Department of Fujian
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M&A Lawyer
DescriptionChinese attorney James Ling is a tenured lawyer from China practicing for Beijing Yingke Law Firm, Changsha office. Beijing Yingke Law Firm is a famous and an international law firm inChina. It is also one of the biggest law firms in the country with highly sophisticated lawyers. Attorney Ling is a bilingual lawyer with high professional standards to deliver positive and effective results to his c
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Patent Lawyer
DescriptionThe proven Beijing patents lawyers at the Beijing Boris Patent Law Firm are experienced in the effective resolution of patents lawsuits as related to inventions and their inventors in Beijing. Our Beijing patents attorneys are knowledgeable in all areas of general patents law, including but not limited to patent protections, patent licensing and various specialized industry patents in Beijing.

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Law School List

  • CUPL
  • Bei Jing Law School
    Bei Jing Law School
  • Qing Hua Law School
    Qing Hua Law School
  • Huan Dong Law School
    Huan Dong Law School
  • Ren Min Law School
    Ren Min Law School
  • xi nan law school
    xi nan law school