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K&H Law Firm

International law firm
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General Practice Lawyer
DescriptionChina domestic and International business practice
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Litigation Arbitration Lawyer
DescriptionOur Ningbo lawyer is a dedicated, practical, and detail-oriented attorney licensed to practice in China. His focus is on employment law, the law of business transactions, collections, general civil litigation including personal injury, and criminal defense. Ningbo Xinmu Law Firm is a professional legal service provider, under administration of Judiciary Administration Bureau of Zhejiang Pro.
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Contract Lawyer
DescriptionLiu Chanying, Peking University graduate, September 2, 2011 date in Canton Corsica law firm. Warm, solid theory. Since the practice, a professional attitude and knowledge to maximize your interest.
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General Practice Lawyer
DescriptionAs the central city in central China, our Changsha lawyer enjoys dynamic economic development and boundless opportunities, thus providing vast space for the development and expansion Changsha Office.
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Intellectual Property Lawyer
DescriptionMMLC as China intellectual property lawyer, was developed from a major international law firm in Beijing in 2002, to provide clients with top quality, confidential and results-driven legal business.
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Contract Lawyer
DescriptionNanjing lawyer office provides our clients with a wide variety of legal services including advisory services concerning foreign direct investment, commercial law, intellectual property matters.

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  • CUPL
  • Bei Jing Law School
    Bei Jing Law School
  • Qing Hua Law School
    Qing Hua Law School
  • Huan Dong Law School
    Huan Dong Law School
  • Ren Min Law School
    Ren Min Law School
  • xi nan law school
    xi nan law school