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Yingke law firm is currently present in eighteen major cities in mainland China including Guangzhou office, and Guangzhou lawyers. Yingke provide quite extensive legal services to various clients.

Guangzhou Yingke law firm is currently present in eighteen major cities in mainland China including Guangzhou office, and Guangzhou lawyers. Yingke provide quite extensive legal services to various clients. In terms of the number of lawyers, Yingke is likely by far the largest law firm in China.

Our international presence is maintained through branch offices on almost every continent, where Chinese licensed lawyers provide the same high quality services in each office. In 2011, Yingke opened branch offices in New York, Sao Paulo, London and Taiwan. To further its reach in Europe, Yingke entered into a cooperative relationship with Várnai & Partners, a Hungarian law firm. This close cooperation has resulted in the establishment of branch offices in Hungary, Italy, Poland and Turkey. Also in 2011, the China-Korea Law and Business Center was established through the joint cooperation of Yingke Law Firm and Logos Law LLC. The formation of the Center has created a nexus between China and South Korea's legal service markets.

Yingke is a full-service, international law firm, with its headquarters located in Beijing. Founded in 2001, Yingke Law Firm has already established a reputation in the Chinese legal services market. We are now one of the fastest-growing law firms in Asia and our aim is to forge a leading Chinese firm on a global scale, echoing China's economic reform and social development.

China can be a challenging legal jurisdiction. Yingke has knowledge and experience in all aspects of Chinese legal, regulatory and governmental systems to help clients in obtaining the results they are looking for. As a result of our vast domestic network and international outreach we are able to deliver legal advice on the multi-jurisdictional transactions which frequently make use of China's favourable economic environment.

Our legal team specializes in a broad spectrum of practice areas, including international trade, foreign investment, company law, capital markets & securities, cross-Strait affairs, private equity, investment & finance, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property, real estate, energy & environmental law and maritime trade & affairs. In addition to legal services we are active in the area of business development, and can contribute practical advice to your business operations, ensuring you do not have to sacrifice your bottom line in attending to problems beyond your scope of activity.

We are privileged that in the last ten years more than 16,000 clients from domestic and foreign enterprises have trusted us with their businesses and that we are a proud member of over 130 professional societies and associations. In addition, we have established strategic partnerships with several prestigious universities and colleges.

Practice Areas     

Litigation and Arbitration
Our lawyers are capable of rendering the following services:
● representing client to file a lawsuit in court or submit a reply to complaint, to attend court hearing and participate in mediation;
● to conduct investigation into and verification of evidence and facts and issue reports thereon;
● representing client to appeal to competent court and attend court hearing;
● representing client to apply to competent people’s court for force enforcement of relevant judgment;
● to draft arbitration agreement or arbitration clause for client;
● to represent the client who objects to the effect of the arbitration agreement in application to arbitration commission for decision or to people’s court for verdict;
● representing client to file application for arbitration or submit reply and to attend the arbitral hearing;
● representing client to apply to competent people’s court for force enforcement of arbitral award; and
● representing client to apply to competent people’s court for repeal of arbitral award or refusal to enforce the arbitral award.

Foreign Investment and Trade
Specifically we provide the following services:
● developing business plans
● advice on market entry
● company set-up
● working with local and international professionals in tax, finance, shipping etc.
● Site selection, logistics, licences and permits
● product sourcing
● feasibility analysis of business investments
● Business and investment research
● market research
● diligent research of credit and status of potential business partners
● Due Diligence & Credit Checks
● Investigations & Risk Management
● Legal & Accounting Services
● Market Research & Analysis
● Advising on investment scenarios and establishment of foreign-invested enterprises ("FIEs"), including sino-foreign equity joint ventures, sino-foreign co-operative joint ventures, and wholly foreign-owned enterprises.
● Attending joint venture negotiations and drafting corporate documents, such as the joint venture agreement, and the article of association.
● Advising on capital contribution and debt financing of FIEs, foreign? exchange risks, and profit sharing and reinvestment.
● Counseling on the ramifications of employment law, tax implications,? intellectual property, foreign exchange, contractual and other operation matters that are commonly faced by FIEs, foreign representative offices, and foreign contractors.
● Advising on international sale, carriage of goods by sea, letters of? credit, export and import procedures, customs and tariff compliance, and settling trade disputes.

● Bills of lading, sea waybills and through bills
● Bareboat charters, time charters and voyage charters
● Coastal transport
● Arrest of ship, lien on cargo and maritime security
● Agency agreements, shipping agency and cargo forwarding
● Logistics and multi-modal transport
● Salvage contracts and towage
● Marine engineering contracts
● Maritime fraud and piracy, smuggling at sea
● Administrative litigation related to maritime affairs

Corporate and Commercial
The major practices in this field are highlighted as follows:
● Advising on establishment of public and private companies, individual , proprietorships and partnerships, and drafting and reviewing related documents.
● Counseling on corporate governance and operation related issues, such as? director's responsibilities and liabilities, shareholder rights, and employment, and formulating incentive (e.g. share option) schemes, franchise, sub-sale and agency.
● Acting for clients in complicated debt disputes and representing them in? litigation and arbitration.
● Advising on mergers and acquisitions, particularly foreign-related? acquisitions and reorganization of state-owned enterprises.
● Advising on antidumping and antisubsidy, including compliance with trade? law and rules in this regard, and representing clients in governmental investigations, enforcement proceedings and litigation.
● Drafting and negotiating employment contracts, confidentiality and? non-competition agreements, and insurance deals, advising on employment law compliance regarding employee recruitment and termination, employment benefits, social security, health and safety requirements, and assisting with the preparation of employment manuals and codes of conduct.

Intellectual Property
Below are some of the services we provide regularly in this regards:
● Advising on the registration and protection of patents, trademarks, domain? names, designs, copyright and trade secrets.
● Assisting clients in investigating and prosecuting infringements affecting? copyright, patents, trademarks, computer software, and trade secrets.
● Advising on the licensing and transfer of trademarks, patents, designs,? copyright, and technical innovations, and drafting and reviewing related documents.
● Counseling on anti-counterfeiting, advertising law and regulations, and? unfair competition legislation.

Our main practices are as follows:
● Advising on and drafting labor contracts and collective labor contracts
● Advising on and drafting non-competition agreements
● Advising on and advising confidentiality agreements
● Drafting employee handbooks and management regulations
● Registering working rules and labor contracts
● Registering foreign employees and related services
● Application for flexible working systems
● Assistance in establishment of trade union
● Labor contract management and advice on labor relations
● Negotiations on labor transfer and termination
● Dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration and litigation)

Banking, Finance and Capital Markets
We frequently encompass practices below:
● Devising scenarios in relation to initial public offering, all kinds of? bonds and loans, including convertible bonds, unsecured and secured loans, syndicated loans, trust loans, and export credit.
● Advising on project finance (e.g. BOT) in relation to public facilities,? such as water plant, power plant, and highway.
● Advising on financial leasing concerning vehicles, ships, aircrafts and? construction equipment, and consumer finance in relation to real estate and vehicles.
● Advising banks and other financial institutions on compliance with related? law and rules, particularly with the regulatory rules issued by the People's Bank of China, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, and on tracing loan principals and interests due, and representing them in negotiation, arbitration and litigation.
● Advising assets management companies on tracing and restructuring debts,? and transforming debt to equity, and counseling investment funds on their setting up, listing, and investment.

Restructuring and Insolvency
We are repeatedly engaged in the following practice areas:
● Advising the clients on debt restructuring, refinancing, and? recovery.
● Advising on the strategy and procedures of insolvency and? liquidation.
● Advising on closing and liquidation of different forms of corporations, including collecting in and managing assets of insolvent corporations, tracing and claiming assets and debts, and distributing assets within creditors.
● Advising on employee redundancy and related matters arising from insolvency.

Real Estate and Construction
Our capabilities and experience in this area include:
● Investigating into the nature and status of properties, advising the? developers on land acquisition schemes, and drafting and reviewing documents in relation to the remise or transfer of properties.
● Designing and undertaking due diligence examination to analyze risks? associated with real estate transactions.
● Advising on lease, property management, and construction requirements, and? drafting property-related documents, including transfer, mortgages, and rental assignments.
● Advising on development, construction and operation of real estate? projects.
● Representing real estate companies, investors, developers and banks on a? full range of contentious real estate issues

Foreign related legal affairs
Our capabilities and experience in this area include:
● Foreign related marriage and inheritance.
● Entry and Exit.
● Legal affairs related with Visa
● Dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration and litigation) , developers and banks on a? full range of contentious real estate issues

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