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The Intellectual Property lawyer practice group of Hylands Law Firm deals chiefly with complex, comprehensive legal affairs regarding the intellectual property rights, and, by extension and investment

Hylands Law Firm Intellectual Property Lawyer Practice Group Profile

The Intellectual Property lawyer practice group of Hylands Law Firm deals chiefly with complex, comprehensive legal affairs regarding the intellectual property rights, and, by extension, the investment and financing in such fields as culture and entertainment, media and communications, franchising, sports, and culture and technology industry; it encompasses a wide range of legal affairs including copyright and neighboring rights, trademark rights, patent rights, unfair competition, antimonopoly, trade secrets, network domain names, franchising, customs protection, and layout designs of integrated circuit. Its clients include the various types of enterprises, institutions, and individuals in such industries as publication, education, entertainment, sports, advertising, traditional print media, radio and television, telecommunications, Internet and new media.

Under the leadership of Attorney Ma Xiaogang – a founding partner and a famous Chinese intellectual property rightexpert, Hylands Law Firm has consistently been an industry leader in the intellectual property rightlitigation and non-litigation business. Attorneys of Hylands Law Firm have witnessed the rapid development of intellectual property rights-related industry in recent years in China, actively participated in this market, and become an eminent legal groupin the field by accumulating a wealth of experience and wining confidence from clients. In addition, Attorney Ma Xiaogang and the Hylands Law Firm intellectual property groupare also regularly invited to participate in national legislative activities. Hylands Law Firm is renowned for being skilled at providing clients with comprehensive intellectual property protection and solutions, as well as for its outstanding performance in the leading intellectual property legal field.

Hylands Law Firm Intellectual Property Practice Group Areas of Expertise

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is the most influential intellectual property legal service provided by Hylands Law Firm. Hylands Law Firm has represented clientsin variousintellectual property litigationproceedings, which have promoted the legislation on intellectual property rightin China. Intellectual Property Department of Hylands Law Firm provides services for analysis of dispute resolution and countermeasures, investigation for evidence collection, representsclients in civil litigation and administrative litigation relating to intellectual property disputes, and represents clientsin arbitration, administrative complaints, negotiations, as well as enforcement proceedings.

˜Non-litigation legal services

Hylands Law Firm provides consultancy for corporate, investment and financial affairs with respect to intellectual property rights, drafts and reviews legal documents, designs relevant transaction schemes, assists in commercial negotiations, and provides other legal services required by clients.

Services for intellectual property legal affairs

Traditional intellectual property legal affairs

  • Copyright and neighboring rights
  • Trademark rights
  • Patent rights
  • Trade secrets
  • Anti-unfair competition
  • Antimonopoly
  • Domain name and trade name

Derivative legal affair services for intellectual property

  • Intellectual property strategy as well as comprehensive intellectual property protection of the brand
  • Investment and financing in cultural and technology industry
  • Culture and entertainment, including movies, television (including animation), performances, music and games,etc.
  • Media communications, including publication, Internet and new media
  • Commercial market development and franchising
  • Sports, including events, establishment and management of sports organizations, protection of derivative products
  • Commercialization development of intellectual property rights
  • Industrial policy research and request for legal protection
  • Education and training

Administrative agency business for intellectual property rights

  • Provide services such as trademark and patent applications and subsequent administrative procedures, copyright registration, domain name registration, customs protection of intellectual property rights, etc
  • Provide the inquiry, retrieval, and monitoring services of status of intellectual property; business investigation services
  • Provide services for copyrighted products and fight against counterfeiting and piracy

If you are going to find a China intellectual property lawyer, Hylands Law Firm Intellectual Property Practice Group located in Changsha, Hunan is a good pick.

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