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Wenzhou Brighteous Law Firm

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With high respect for the concept and culture of team work, Wenzhou Brighteous Lawyers provide all-dimensional and wide-ranging legal services in a style of specialty division as well as team work for domestic or oversea clients. For litigations and non-litigation legal affairs entrusted by our clients, Brighteous Law Firm will assemble our professionals in the specific field to satisfy the legal
Wenzhou lawyer
Wenzhou lawyer

Wenzhou Brighteous Law Firm Profile

With their great enthusiasm for the law career, national outstanding lawyer, Mr Hu Xiangfu and his colleagues who are all elites in different law fields established Zhejiang Brighteous Law Firm in January 2006. Now the firm has 16 senior partners and 19 junior partners. The people in total has been near 150. Our philosophy is to seek the best solutions to legal issues of our clients.

With high respect for the concept and culture of team work, Wenzhou Brighteous Lawyers provide all-dimensional and wide-ranging legal services in a style of specialty division as well as team work for domestic or oversea clients. For litigations and non-litigation legal affairs entrusted by our clients, Brighteous Law Firm will assemble our professionals in the specific field to satisfy the legal demands of our clients efficiently and promptly in a team-work style. 

To ensure the provision of most valuable legal services to our clients, Brighteous lawyers are diligent and efficient, cautious and innovative. We esteem professional ethics and conscientiousness and always uphold the tenet of protecting the legal rights of our clients to the largest extent.

Brighteous Law Firm has a modern office site with advanced facilities and Internet communication devices to ensure that we deliver timely services to our domestic and overseas clients. Brighteous Law Firm has established good working relationships with law firms in the countries or districts such as the US, the UK, Italy, Australia, Hongkong, etc, and is able to provide legal services of international standard.

With the spirits of development and innovation, Brighteous lawyers attach much importance to building a scientific management system and to cultivating an advanced law firm culture and common value of specialization, cooperation, innovation and enterprise, to recruiting and educating high quality talents, for the goal of building a leading standardized, institutionalized comprehensive law firm with specialty features in China.

Wenzhou Brighteous Law Firm Practice Areas

Litigation and Arbitration

Brighteous lawyers are able to handle all kinds of litigations and arbitrations. We are competent to represent our clients to deal with domestic civil, commercial, criminal, labour, administrative litigations and arbitrations at all-level courts in all districts of China, as well as mediations or foreign-related arbitrations. The practical experience Brighteous lawyers accumulated over the years enables us to deal with all affairs in different phases in court and arbitration proceedings. With regard to the major and complicated cases, we will devise the most suitable solutions for our clients and make every effort to protect the legal rights of our clients. The services we provide are as follows:

  • To provide advices and suggestions for the solutions of disputes
  • To investigate and collect evidences
  • To draft, review and amend legal documents in respect of litigations and arbitrations
  • To participate as the legal agents in all districts and all-level courts in criminal, administrative and civil litigations, etc.
  • To participate as the legal agents in all kinds of arbitrations including labour arbitrations, commercial arbitrations and international arbitrations
  • To deal with other legal affairs in relation to litigations and arbitrations

Non-Litigation Legal Affairs

Apart from litigation and arbitration practice, we also have extensive experience in handling various kinds of non-litigation legal affairs for our domestic and overseas clients. According to the concrete legal demands of our clients, our services include but not limited to providing legal opinions, conducting due diligence investigations, participating in negotiations and drafting and reviewing the legal documents. The major fields our services cover are as follows:

  • Company practice
  • International trade and investment
  • Construction and real estate
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Financing and insurance

Retainer Service

Brighteous lawyers could provide annual legal consultant services to domestic and overseas clients by their deep legal knowledge and extensive practical experience in a team-work manner. This service method could let us understand deeply and fully of the demands of our clients and solve any legal issues timely and efficiently so that we could take care of their legal rights during the normal business operations.

Legal Consultant Service   

In the mode of specialty division and term work, Brighteous lawyers provide both domestic and international clients with high-quality and efficient annual legal consultation services. Our clients include governments and authorities at different levels, large enterprises and institutions, FIEs and private enterprises etc. Our services include: 

  •  To advise on daily business operation and management 
  •  To provide legal advices and suggestions on major decisions 
  •  To provide updated information on law and policy 
  •  To draft,review or amend all varieties of contracts and other legal documents 
  •  To assist the clients in formulating and improving relevant internal management policies 
  •  To issue statements or provide lawyer's letters in the name of the legal counselor at our client's request 
  •  To assist our clients in communicating with the authorties,guilds or business partnerts at their request on relevant legal issues 
  •  To provide legal seminars or trainings for our clients' personnel at their request 
  •  To represent in all varieties of litigation,arbitration,enforcement of judgment or arbitral awards,meditation,etc. 
  •  To provide comprehensive services on major projects including investment,merger and acquisition,construction and real estate,IPO,etc.The work includes conducting due diligence investigations,providing legal opinions,participaing in the negotiations,and drafting or reviewing legal documents,etc. 

Brighteous lawyers have successfully dealt with a great number of major and complex finance and insurance cases which are of great social influence. Lawyer Hu Xiangfu has summed up his practical experience and published the book A Selection of Financial Cases by Lawyer Hu Xiangfu, which has won favorable appraisal in China. Our practice varies from litigations to the enforcement of judgments. We are proficient in devising for our clients the best solutions and we have reduced or avoided financial loss of several hundred million for our clients. Our services include:

  •  To advise on banking services such as loan and guarantee, etc.; and to deal with various cases on guarantee 
  •  To advise on issues involving commercial instruments and securities and deal with relevant disputes 
  •  To provide services on L/C 
  •  To represent trust-related cases 
  •  To advise on financing including project financing and trade financing 
  •  To advise on avoiding financial crimes, or to deal with cases on financial crimes related to bank staff 
  •  To advise on all kinds of property and personal insurances and deal with relevant disputes 
  •  To provide retainer services for financial institutions including banks, insurance companies, securities company and trust companies 

Construction and Real Estate   

In the construction and real estate field, Brighteous lawyers are proficient in devising project schemes which are legitimate, secure, easy to implement, and cost-effective in order to ensure the safety and profitability of our clients’ investments. We provide integrated legal services for real estate business from the establishment of a project company to the marketing and property management. Brighteous lawyers have accumulated abundant experience through long-term practice. Our services include: 

  •  Comprehensive legal support for real estate developments 
  •  Land for real estate: assignment, transfer, lease and pledge of land use right 
  •  The transfer of real estate projects 
  •  Sales and lease of real estate 
  •  Contracting and construction bidding 
  •  Demolition and removal 
  •  Property management 
  •  Real estate-related financing 
  •  Administrative and civil real estate dispute 

Civil and Commercial Law Practice   

Over the years we have already accumulated very extensive experience in general practices of civil and commercial law fields. The kinds of services we could offer are mainly as follows: 

  •  To represent in cases involving all kinds of tort including infringement of reputation, damages or personal injuries 
  •  To represent cases in respect of marriage, domestic affairs and inheritage 
  •  Te represent all kinds of contract disputes 
  •  To handle debt recovery 
  •  To represent product liability cases or consumer protection cases 
  •  To represent maritime cases 
  •  To advise on all domestic trade projects 
  •  To advise on distribution, agency, licensing and franchising 
  •  To represent arbitrations and litigations on employment issue 
  •  To witness the execution of all legal documents including contracts and agreements 

International Trade and Investment   

Brighteous Law Firm has sophisticated lawyers who are specialized in international trade and investment law and who are familiar with international conventions, international trade practices, international private law rules and relevant Chinese laws and regulations. We have maintained a well cooperation relationship with both law firms and financial, investment agencies in the US, the UK, France, Germany, Argentina, the Netherlands, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan, etc. Brighteous lawyers are devoted to provide high quality foreign related litigation/arbitration or non-litigation legal affairs with their distinctive expertise and high degree professional dedication. We provide the following services to domestic and overseas clients:

  • Foreign Investment: To analyze and design for foreign investment in China; to provide legal opinions; to draft FIE contracts, articles of association, and other documents, etc; to assist to process or to process the approval and business registration formalities of FIEs (including equity joint ventures, contractual joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned enterprises) 
  • International Trade: To provide overall legal service for negotiation, contract execution, contract performance, dispute settlement in international goods trade, service trade and technology trade to domestic or foreign companies; To provide litigation, arbitration or non-litigation mediation legal service for international trade related disputes of L/C, transportation contract, etc. and To provide avoiding or responding advices on anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, guarantee measures, and technical barriers based on WTO legislation.
  • Financing, M&A, and Oversea Listing: To provide special legal advice for oversea listing of domestic companies, and merger & acquisition initiated by foreign enterprises; To cooperate with oversea agencies such as financing, investment companies, to assist the clients to list in the US, the UK stock markets, etc, and to find the best financing channels for the clients and To set up or help to set up offshore companies
  • International Finance: To provide professional legal support for the international business of commercial banks, import & export banks, foreign funded banks, foreign funded insurance companies, etc.
  • International Construction Projects, To provide special legal service for international construction projects business to domestic companies, including services in the stages of communication, negotiation, contract execution, construction implementation, account settlement, and dispute settlement, etc, and To provide professional legal service for construction projects with the FIDIC terms adopted
  • Foreign-related Intellectual Property Rights: To provide legal service for IPRs (patent, trademark, copyright, etc) oversea application, maintenance, protection to domestic clients in foreign areas and for foreign clients in China; to represent domestic enterprises to respond to the 337 investigation of the US
  • Legal consultant Service: To act as legal counselors for import & export companies, foreign-oriented companies, and FIEs, and to provide professional legal service and suggestions for legal issues of international trade, investment, and daily management 

Company and Securities Practice   

Brighteous lawyers have abundant experiences in corporate and securities practice. We are competent to provide legal services including developing comprehensive schemes for solutions to legal issues, conducting due diligence investigations, providing legal opinions, drafting and reviewing contracts and other legal documents, participating in negotiations and representing clients in company-law related litigations. Our practice covers: 

  •  To advise on the establishment, registration, operation and management of all forms of companies and their branches, fund management companies, and venture investment companies 
  •  To serve as the legal counselor of all forms of companies, fund management companies, venture investment companies and to provide legal services on their daily operation and management 
  •  To provide services on consolidation, division, reconstruction, capital transfer, contractual joint venture, bankruptcy and liquidation, etc 
  •  To program and scheme the share ownership structure, cooperate governance, share options, share transfer, merger and acquisition 
  •  To provide services on transformation of company forms and establishment of joint-stock companies 
  •  To provide services on IPO of shares, investment funds, bonds and their derivatives 
  •  To provide services on securities transactions, property rights transactions, foreign exchange transactions and futures transactions, etc. 
  •  To handle all varieties of company-law related litigations and arbitrations 

Defense Practice 

Defending and acting as legal agents in criminal cases are the traditional practice of Chinese lawyers. The Firm convenes a team of sophisticated lawyers who have dealt with a great number of major and complicated criminal cases and have strengths in handling all such cases. They have won favorable social responses. The services we provide are as follows: 

  •  To provide legal assistance for criminal suspects, including providing legal consultation, filing an appeal and accusation, applying for bail 
  •  To defend for the suspect in the prosecution phase, including investigating and collecting relevant documentation and delivering defending opinions 
  •  To defend for the accused in the first and second trials in the public prosecution case, including drafting and submitting to the court relevant legal documents, investigating and collecting evidences or requesting the procuratorate or court to do so, participating in the trial and defending for the accused and filing an appeal 
  •  To act as the agent of the aggrieved party in a public prosecution case 
  •  To represent the plaintiff in a private prosecution case 
  •  To represent the defendant in a private prosecution case 
  •  To represent the parties in a civil suit connected with criminal proceedings 
  •  To represent the appellant in the third-trial criminal proceedings 

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