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Corporation Department: The Corporation Department is one of the earliest founded professional legal affairs departments of Jinan Yatai Law Firm. Senior partner, Mr. Zhang Guoquan with fifteen-year practice experience holds the post of director of this department. There are eight full-time lawyers with professional legal knowledge and abundant of practice experience and experiences as legal coun
Jinan lawyer
Jinan lawyer

Jinan Yatai Law Firm Profile

In early 1995,Liu Qun, Mu Changhui and Li Xuebing established a  partnership Qingdao Ya Tai Law Firm.

In April 1995, Jinan Provincial Department of Justice approved the establishment of Ya Tai  Law Firm and Liu Qun held the post of director of Qingdao Ya  Tai Law Firm.

In October 1999,Qingdao Ya Tai Law Firm moved to 17F Fazhan Mansion No.8 Zhongshan Road.  In the same year, its name changed to Jinan Yatai Law Firm.

In July 2000, Jinan Ya& Tai Law Firm set up a branch of communist party and Mr. Liu Qun was theParty secretary.

In August 2004, the team from Jinan Yatai Law Firm participated in the “Mingfeng Cup” legal knowledge contest and won the champion of the debate.

In June 2005,Jinan Yatai Law Firm was awarded with “National Excellent Law Firms”

In June 2006,Jinan Yatai Law Firm was awarded with one of the Top 20 Private Enterprises of Qingdao Shinan District Government. 

In June 2007, Jinan Yatai Law Firm was awarded with advanced unit of social service system by Jinan Provincial Medium-small enterprises office.

Jinan Yatai Law Firm Practice Areas

Bank Legal Service Team 

We focus on the professional legal service in the commercial area including corporate affairs, real estate, finance and insurance, foreign investment, intellectual property right, labor and taxation, administrative and criminal areas and can provide professional legal service in manner of litigation and non-litigation including arbitration and legal counsel. We provide legal consulting and basis for decision.

Investment Legal Affairs Department 

Brief Introduction to the Investment Legal Affairs Department of Jinan Ya Tai Law Firm Legal service scope of the Investment Legal Affairs Department The Investment Legal Affairs Team consists of several excellent litigation and non-litigation lawyers providing legal service including company mergers and acquisitions, project financing and investment, domestic and overseas investment, assets and debt restructure.

Capital Operation and Risk Control Team 

Capital operation and risk control team mainly faces financial institutions such as commercial banks, assets management companies, trust investment companies, fund management companies, risk investment and financial leasing companies, and real estate enterprises, and manufacture enterprises, and provide litigation and non-litigation financial legal service to the clients. 

Insurance Legal Service Team

Corporation Department: The Corporation Department is one of the earliest founded professional legal affairs departments of Jinan Yatai Law Firm.  Senior partner, Mr. Zhang Guoquan with fifteen-year practice experience holds the post of director of this department.  There are eight full-time lawyers with professional legal knowledge and abundant of practice experience and experiences as legal counsels of governmental authorities and enterprises.  They succeeded in providing comprehensive legal service for the governmental authorities, worldwide multinational companies, state-owned enterprises, listed companies, family enterprises and private enterprises and won the client’s recognition and high praises.  Based on the modern enterprises’ demands for legal service, as for the legal risks during the period from establishment to internal management and external transactions, the Corporation Department may make use of the latest laws and regulations to provide expert, deep and operational management service for companies comprehensively and detailed from establishment, internal management to legal arbitration, litigation from the companies’ practice operation. 

Legal service includes: company establishment; foreign investment enterprise establishment; legal counsel and consulting of company daily affairs; internal management and system building of company; company direct and indirect investment, bond issuance and listing; company investment; company mergers, assets reconstruction and assets replacement; debt reconstruction, debt to equity; state-owned enterprise and institution shareholding restructuring, employees relocation program design; witness of stock joint company’s general meeting; company liquidation; company legal risks assessment, identification, prevention, control; SRD, ESOP; MBO; equity structure design; group company, multinational company structure design, restructuring and reorganization, centralized split, mergers and acquisitions, and arbitration and litigation related to corporation affairs. 

Labor Legal Service Team

Governmental Affairs Legal Service Team: Working for the government as a legal consultant and providing legal consulting on the daily work of the governmental authorities 

Administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation 

Issuing legal opinions on the major affairs or providing legal advice for the government 

Handling various legal affairs for the government projects such as industrial and commercial registration

Providing legal service on the restructuring, bankruptcy and risk prevention of the enterprises subsidiary to the government

Providing legal support to the ownership of the state-owned assets and capital verification

Providing legal service to the major project investment and bidding of the government

Providing legal support to the transfer of land use right and land acquisition 

Providing legal service to the old city (old village) transformation, ramshackle, enterprise relocation of old city, area development, land management and house, and land expropriation 

Legal service on the contract review

Assisting the government in legal advocacy, education and training 

Real Estate Affairs Legal Service Team

Jinan Yatai Law Firm works for a lot of domestic and foreign clients such as industry associations, real estate development companies, construction companies and property management companies as a long-term legal consultant and provides a full range of legal service in the field of real estate development, construction and property transaction and management to the clients. 

The area of practice includes: 

  • Establishment and alteration of real estate development and construction enterprises
  • Restructuring of real estate enterprises and cooperative development of real estate projects
  • Financing and operation of real estate projects
  • Demonstration and construction of BOT project and major infrastructure such as energy, transportation and municipal
  • House demolition and land requisition 
  • Transfer and assignment of land use right 
  • Contracting of construction project
  • Bidding of land and project 
  • Sale and purchase of house
  • Mortgage and auction of land and house 
  • House releasing and property management 
  • Contract management and employees training
  • Commercial negotiation and risk control
  • Other legal service 

We provide litigation and non-litigation legal service on the above-mentioned real estate affairs to our clients. 

International Commercial Legal Affairs Department

Maritime legal service team: Maritime legal service team can provide main professional service including bill of lading, marine insurance, freight forwarders, ship collision, oil pollution, salvage, general average, ship arrest, maritime personal injury, port operations, crew service, ship leasing and building, ship transfer and financing and other legal service related to marine affairs. 

Intellectual Property Right Legal Service Team: Legal consulting service on the acquisition, protection, management and use of intellectual property right Patent license, protection, transfer and dispute resolution, Arbitration and litigation of patent infringement cases and ownership dispute, Applying for announcing patent invalid on behalf of the clients, Trademark license, protection, transfer and dispute resolution, Arbitration and litigation of trademark infringement cases and ownership dispute, Judicial determination of well-known trademark 

Criminal Defense Legal Service Team

Criminal Defense Legal Service Team of Jinan Yatai Law Firm was founded in 2003, and now there are three full-time lawyers. We focus on the criminal defense and provide professional legal help and defense service to our clients. The service scope covers the whole process of various criminal prosecution and private prosecution from filing, investigation, prosecution, trial and execution. 

Sound professional basic knowledge, abundant practice experience and brave debate in the course of criminal defense are our team’s three advantages. The chief of the team, Ms. Liu Li with over twenty-year practice experience in the criminal defense has handled several hundreds of criminal cases. She has succeeded in handling kinds of underworld organization crimes and economic crimes having significant impact in Qingdao and Jinan and especially in the whole nation. Especially in recent years, she acted as the defender of the main accused person in the underworld organization crimes organized Nie Lei and Zhang Shaojun, and gained good defense results and safeguarded the clients’ lawful rights and interests. 

The criminal defense team not only wins the clients’ trust but also wins the confirmation from the police, prosecutors and court with its professional skills and sense of responsibility. We are also constantly perfecting our professional knowledge so as to ensure our leading position in the criminal defense lawyers of Qingdao and continuous improvement and development. We will gain more significant achievements through continuous learning. 

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Lawyer Status Jinan Merger and acquisition lawyer Active. No misconduct found.


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