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Zhejiang Xinmu Law Firm, based in Ningbo, Zhejiang, is a professional legal service provider in Zhejiang. It is a partnership Law Firm established according to Chinese Lawyer Law with 25 Ningbo lawyer

Zhejiang Xinmu Law Firm Profile

Zhejiang Xinmu Law Firm, based in Ningbo, Zhejiang, is a professional legal service provider in Zhejiang. It is a partnership Law Firm established according to Chinese Lawyer Law with 25 Ningbo lawyers. Now the firm is developed into a comprehensive Law Firm with some certain high points of sub-areas of practice.

All of our 25 lawyers are graduates from well-known law schools in China, and is a young team with well-knit law theory knowledge and experiences which are accumulated from many years of practices. At same time, the team has the character of youth, that is, with energy and enthusiasm, and acuminous attention to national economy policies, reforming of legal environment and trend of social direction. And the power to deal with complicated legal matters.

Our team has strong team-working spirits, and will obey lawyer’s practice rule/s and standard/s strictly, we regard clients’ benefit as our working tenet, and realizing clients legal right and benefit to utmost as our working aim.

Working tenet and philosophy of our firm:

Opening sincere heart, spreading just, and protecting clients’ legal rights and benefits to utmost with laws.

Zhejiang Xinmu Law Firm Practice Areas

Main practices of our firm are economic law matters of commerce and trade, financial, IP, real estate, etc, which include but not limit to follows:

> Law consultation and standing legal advisor service to clients in import and export (international trade) business;

> Legal solutions for foreign and domestic clients over business disputes;

> Legal service of formation and liquidation of companies and representative office;

> Legal service of merger and acquisition, and joint-stock company's reorganization over laws;

> Legal service to financing of finance organizations, industry and trade companies and individuals;

> Legal service of IP laws which include but not limited to Patent, Trademark and Copyright;

> Legal service of real estate which includes but not limits to confiscation of house lands and sales of commercial residency apartments;

> Law consultation to all sorts of enterprises, and act for and on behalf of enterprises in litigation and arbitration cases.

Legal Services in China -- Secure your business in China 

We are a team of Chinese lawyers dedicated to offer clients with solutions for their direct investment and trade businesses in China. Our team has extensive in-country experience advising Chinese and foreign clients including clients from U.S. and European on law issues of commercial debt collection / recovery , Standing Counselor and Non-Controversy, Transnational investment, Mergers and acquisitions, International Trade, Maritime and Admiralty, and commercial and civil issues throughout mainland China.

For what problems you may hire our service?

If you have one commercial contract with a Chinese company or individual, selling them cargos/ services or buying cargos / services from them, or license them to use your IP(trademark, patent and/or copyright), and in one of below situations, you may hire us to work for you and protect your legal rights:

1. you paid them but they did not deliver you cargos or offer you the service, or did not do it in time, or

2. you sent them cargos or offered them with services but they did not pay you or did not do it in time, or

3. they delivered defective cargos to you or did not offer you with right service, or

4. they breached the commercial contract with you in other ways or other type of commercial contracts besides sales/purchase contract with you like they breached the IP license contract with you, and so on.

Other legal services:

Standing Counselor and Non-Controversy --

To offer legal services for enterprise(s) daily operation and inner management, and act as a standing counselor for enterprise(s), with following jobs upon the enterprises requirements and/or authorizations:
 1. To draft Lawyers Letter to third partyies;
 2. To draft and publicize legal affiche(s) in public medias;
 3. To offer latest news over certain law amendment and latest governments regulations aperiodically;
 4. To offer staff in the enterprise with basic Chinese law knowledge training;
 5. To offer law advices for the enterprises business plans and/or certain business operations;
 6. To draft, look through and revise the enterprises inner management documents, including employment contract, training agreement and/or non-disclosure agreement, etc;
 7. To assist the enterprise with negotiation and/or communication with government bureau(s), and/or business partner(s).
 8. Company law affairs
 9. Merger and acquisition of enterprises;
 10. Help client (enterprise or individual) to buy or sell real estates;
 11. Law affairs of property lease, mortgage, lend/borrow, entrustment and consign for sale on commission, etc;
 12. Law affairs of issuance and/or subscription of securities and underwriting;
 13. Application and transferring of intellectual property of trademarks and patents;
 14. Public bidding and invitation of public bidding of construction and installation engineering projects, public bidding of enterprise contracting, lease managements, etc;
 15. Liquidation of business-closing and bankruptcy;
 16. Draft, revision and examination of feasibility studies of civil and economic projects and agreements;
 17. Investigation affairs of market and/or commodity information, and enterprise credit information;
 18. Law opinion letter or law opinion suggestion letter of all sorts of economic actions;
 19. Signing and/or termination of labor/employment agreements;
 20. Debt collection via non-litigation methods;
 21. To help clients to publish announcement, position, or point of a certain law affair or law action on public medias like newspaper and magazines, broadcasting and television;
 22. Accept the application from individuals and/or enterprises and witness a certain law affair or law action;
 23. Other non-controversy law affairs for attorneys;

Transnational investment --

 1.To assist clients in local investment policies and laws;
 2. To assist clients in negotiation with governmental responsible departments;
 3. To assist clients in analyzing the investment risks and related solutions;
 4. Due diligence or basic registration file investigation of partners and/or suppliers;
 5. To establish foreign invested enterprises, including Chinese-foreign Equity Joint Venture, Chinese-foreign Contractual Joint Venture and Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, and to establish Standing Representative Office, and help clients with missions related to working visa (Z visa) and residency permission;
 6. To draft, look through or amend related agreements/contracts and article of association;
 7. To assist clients with transferring right of stock and other investment rights and interests, and in arrangement of company policy and management system;
 8. To act as a standing lawyer for the newly established enterprise.

Mergers and acquisitions --

1. To designing and optimize transaction structures and tactics;
 2. To conduct legal due diligence investigations;
 3. To draft and negotiate terms, drafting equity and asset acquisition, merger, spin-off and split-up and related agreements;
 4. To assist in information disclosure, governmental filings, approvals, and registrations.

International Trade --

 1. To offer legal advices and views related to International Trade business;
 2. To offer legal advices related to local International trade laws, regulations and policies;
 3. Due diligence or basic registration file investigation of partners and/or suppliers;
 4. To act as a standing lawyer for enterprises related to International Trade;
 5. To act for and on behalf of clients in the litigation, arbitration in China concerning
 A. negotiation, performance, breach and dispute of International Sales / Purchase Contract;
 B. payment(s) of International Trade, such L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T etc;
 C. product transportation, including carriage of goods by sea, by air, by train and by international multi-transportation;
 D. products responsibility and insurance;
 E. other transnational arbitration and litigation.

Maritime and Admiralty -- 

 1. Bills of lading, sea waybills and through bills;
 2. Bareboat charters, time charters and voyage charters;
 3. Coastal transport;
 4. Arrest of ship, lien on cargo and maritime security;
 5. Agency agreements, shipping agency and cargo forwarding;
 6. Logistics and multi-modal transport;
 7. Salvage contracts and towage;
 8. Marine engineering contracts;
 9. Repair, Sale & Purchase of Ships;
 10. Ships collision, contact and grounding;
 11. Oil pollution and environmental damage;
 12. Personal injury, professional negligence;
 13. General and particular average;
 14. Manning, crew manning;
 15. Port operations.
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