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Nanjing Lawyer

Nanjing Tiangong Law FirmNanjing Tiangong Law Firm
2017-01-02 02:50:41Criminal LawyerLaw FirmNanjing
Nanjing Tiangong Law Firm is a criminal defense law firm based in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. To prevail in the criminal justice system, our Nanjing lawyer draws on its in-depth knowledge of local and nearby city criminal laws. Successful defense requires mental dexterity for forging winning strategies, painting defendants in a positive light, and artfully presenting arguments that win over judges an
Longan Nanjing Law FirmLongan Nanjing Law Firm
2013-11-14 14:46:10Business LawyerLaw FirmNanjing
Longan Nanjing Law Firm was founded at the end of 2009. The establishment of Longan Nanjing lawyers has had a positive meaning in respect to enhancing the overall strength of Longan, reinforcing the..
LEHMAN, LEE & XU Nanjing Law FirmLEHMAN, LEE & XU Nanjing Law Firm
2013-11-14 14:44:21Contract LawyerLaw FirmNanjing
Nanjing lawyer office provides our clients with a wide variety of legal services including advisory services concerning foreign direct investment, commercial law, intellectual property matters.

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