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Tianjin Zhaoyuan Law Firm

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Tianjin Zhaoyuan Law Firm is a comprehensive Tianjin law firm established in December 16, 2005. Tianjin lawyers at Zhaoyuan are experts on commercial law services. Zhaoyuan handle contentious cases.

Tianjin Law Firm Profile

Tianjin Zhaoyuan Law Firm is a comprehensive Tianjin law firm established in December 16, 2005. Tianjin lawyers at Zhaoyuan are experts on commercial law services. Zhaoyuan mainly specializes in the non-litigation and litigation business of real estate, finance, securities, intellectual property, company law etc. and enjoys good reputation and high appraisal from Tianjin judicial adjudgement organization, relevant administration bodies and the extensive customers.

Zhaoyuan Law Firm is made up of several young and middle-aged lawyers who have higher academic education. Within them, there are 10 licensed lawyers, 6 training lawyers, 4 assistants and 3 person of administrative staff. The office is located at 11st floor, 1-B Qingxin Building, Changjiang Road, Nankai District, Tianjin.

Excellent & professional team Zhaoyuan Law Firm enjoys unique advantages of human resources and legal professional advantages. Some of the lawyers with plenty of experience in the firm have engaged in this line for over 10 years;Some young professional lawyers who have higher educational background possess youthful spirit. And also there are some sainted professors and doctoral tutors join in and support the team. All of the staff in Zhaoyuan have college-level or higher qualifications, including three lawyers of doctorate, two lawyers with master's degree and two of postgraduate qualifications lawyers.

With the support of some professors and experts from Nankai University , Tianjin University and Tianjin Normal University, Zhaoyuan Law Firm has great advantages in professional theory and preparation of talent person and also Zhaoyuan has strong ability to deal with all kinds of difficult business together with some legal experts. At the same time, several professional teams will be set up according to the customers’ different need. Furthermore, Zhaoyuan is able to carry on the topics and projects about legislation, research and development etc.

The firm has a good basis and tradition of cooperation. Based on this kind of harmonious and close cooperative atmosphere, Zhaoyuan has the sense of resources’ sharing, complementary advantages and common developmment. Thus the staff made the development ideas of being a professional, large scaled and international law firm by making themselves bigger and strongger.

Sincere & high efficient service

The lawyers in Zhaoyuan always regard the customers’ interests and needs as the most important matters. High efficiency and good quality is their basic service tenet. They take “holding the world with virtue” as their behavior guiding lines. Zhaoyuan advocates the improvement of professional level and working efficiency as well as the lawyer’s character and sincerity. Also Zhaoyuan always warn their lawyers to obey the professional ethics and occupation criterion. Inside the law firm, there is strict criterion for business operations, monitoring, rewards and punishment. With the profound social resources and advanced office facilities and network services, Zhaoyuan would supply the services with best quality and high efficiency.

 Good & successful performance Depending on their strong ability, best service and good reputation, Zhaoyuan has already made remarkable achievements. Now there are lawyers in Zhaoyuan takes as legal advisor of People’s Government of Tianjin City. Also they own more than 40 clients such as Nankai University, Tianjin Daily, Tianjin SUNCO Real Estate Co., Ltd, Jilin Leading S&T Development Co., Ltd and Tianjin Yungong Group etc. Zhaoyuan has already undertaken all kinds of legal business more than 300 pieces. Thus helped to gain the widespread acceptance and good praise from Tianjin judicial offices, administrative organizations and clients.

Practice Areas

Company Law

Company's setting up, alteration and separation, merger and purchasing of enterprises, assets of recombination, bargaining of property right, reform of enterprises, split of share structure, corporate governance, setting up of the internal control system, equity dispute, bankruptcy liquidation etc.

Finance & securities

Companies’ listed, issuance, corporate bonds, financing, investment, security, bill, letter of credit, securities, futures, disputes of funds , mortgages disposal, the pursuing and processing of non-performing assets.

Real estate & construction projects

The selling, transfer, lease and mortgage of land usufruct, the analysis and declaration of real estate development projects, resettlement compensation, project bidding, the transfer of the projects, construction contracts, equipment procurement contracts, housing mortgages, mortgage loans, the sale, lease and property management of housing etc. 

Intellectual property

The agents for some disputes of patent, trademark, copyright, against unfair competition and commercial secrets, technology development, services, consulting, licensing,transfer and trade of copyrights etc.

Foreign legal affairs

The negotiation and establishment of joint ventures, cooperative enterprises and wholly foreign-owned enterprises, equity transfer, foreign mergers and acquisitions, the termination and liquidation of three kinds of foreign-invested enterprises, the international business, licensing trade, technology trade, international transportation of goods, insurance claims, international investment, anti-dumping etc.

Litigation and arbitration

The agent of civil, commercial, maritime arbitration and litigation cases, the agent of administrative action, reconsideration of cases, the insurance contract disputes, labor dispute arbitration and litigation agents, criminal defence, agent of criminal cases of private prosecution etc.

Other non-litigation business

Kinds of lawyers witness, daily legal advice, the drafting, checking of different types of contracts and legal documents, issuing of legal opinion, participation of business negotiations, supplying of company's legal risk research, carrying on the specific legal research topics.

Zhaoyuan Team

Senior Consultant (Part-time lawyer): Fu Shicheng, Chen Yaodong

Lawyers: Zhang Bingwen, Huangyu, Xie Gongsheng, Pang Mingxing, Cui Jie, Yang Mengzong, Wei Yi, Zhou Yinghui, Legal Assistant: Wang Jianzhong, Pu Song, Zhao Bing, Li Qiongfang

Administration Dept: Gao Peng( Cum Marketing Dept) Wang Dan, Kou Liping

Specific details

Lawyer Status Tianjin Patent Lawyer active.





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