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Sichuan Dingli Law Firm

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Sichuan Dingli law firm, founded in 1996, is a partnership law office affiliated to Sichuan Provincial Judiciary Administration Bureau. There are about 60 Sichuan lawyers and Chengdu lawyers.

Sichuan DingLi Law Firm Profile

    Sichuan Dingli law firm, founded in 1996, is a partnership law office affiliated to Sichuan Provincial Judiciary Administration Bureau. There are about 60 Sichuan lawyers and Chengdu lawyers who are experts at all fields ,among which nearly 20 lawyers have got Doctor's Degrees, Master's Degrees and Degrees of postgraduate. All the lawyers have rich experiences in their own specialization and are adept in resolving cases in such areas as trade, investment, finance, securities , real estate and intellectual property. The office is qualified for dealing with lawsuits concerned with tender and bid for national infrastructure construction project, and also qualified for dealing with lawsuits involved with state-owned asset’s title. With situated on the 9th floor of YaTai building in the central Chengdu , the office is equipped with modern office equipments and has set up advanced and swift communication facilities such as its own web site and electronic mail.

     Presently the office acts as the legal advisers of some administrative organs such as Sichuan Provincial Administration of Human Resources, Sichuan Provincial Administration of Social Welfare ; big medias such as Chengdu Commercial Daily; some large banking institutions such as National Development Bank,Sichuan Branch; some scientific research institutions known throughout the country such as Chengdu Research Institute of Organic Chemistry, China Academy of Science; listed companies such as Chengdu Borui Communications Co. Ltd; transnational corporations such as Singapore International Project Co. Ltd.; World’s Natural Culture & Scenic Spots Administrations, for example The Management Committee of the Vast Jiu Zhai International Tourist Development Zone; and the Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University , the biggest hospital in southwest of China; and so on. The office keeps close cooperation relationship with the famous industrial in the world,i.e.Singapore Paper(China)Investment Co.Ltd,Pepsi(China)Investment Co.Ltd,and Lafarge Cement Co.Ltd.The law office is highly regarded by its clients for its high quality, efficient and professional legal services.

     When “2000 Forum on West China” was solemnly convened in Chengdu, Dingli was appointed as the legal adviser for the Forum. The office had provided a full-scale scheme for the Forum’s market ,capital management, taken actively participated in negotiations of important economic activities and given legal advices. The office also drafted, audited and remedied many contracts and policies for the Forum. The excellent job done by Dingli was recognized by the leaders of CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and the Provincial Government, Also, the Administration of Judiciary of Sichuan has praised Dingli among the whole judiciary system through the form of issuing the notice.  This law firm is extensively reported by medias such as Sichuan TV, Chengdu Commercial Daily, Huaxi Metropolitan Daily. Sichuan Daily made a detailed report titled by “Famous Lawyer help the Forum”.

     -----Theoretical Studies Great Achievements

     The lawyers of Dingli are not only highly experienced in law practice but also pretty good at academic research. A lot of articles have been published in many core legal magazines in China such as Chinese Lawyer. In Oct., 2002 , the second conference for research and discussion on theories about law enforcement was jointly sponsored by Sichuan People’s Higher Court , Sichuan Attorneys’ Association, Sichuan Provincial Security Bureau and Sichuan Provincial Judiciary Administration Bureau .The treatise of “lawyers’ right for evidence collection shall be guaranteed to facilitate equity between defender and prosecutor in legal system” , which was prepared by Mr. Shi Jie and Mrs. Jiang Ming, was awarded the first prize at this conference. The law office has successfully joined Sichuan People’s Higher Court in sponsoring three forums on legal theories,Which themes were “ The Evidence Rules of Civil Procedure Law”, “ Draft of Civil Law”, “ Judicial Explanation for Compensation in Securities Cheat” respectively. The directors from Sichuan Higher People’s Court, Sichuan Provincial Judiciary Administration Bureau and Sichuan Bar Association, as well as the famous professors from Law College of Sichuan University and Southwest University of Law and Politics have attended these forums. The success of these forums has established a channel for equal communication among judges , professors and lawyers, and thus was highly praised by the whole society and got good social beneficial results. In 2003, with the perfect professional abilities and solid theoretical foundations, the office is appointed by Law College of Sichuan University as its teaching and practice base for the college students.

     -----External Communication Constant Enlargement

     To better meet the increasingly demanding requirements for Chinese lawyers after China’s Entry of WTO, more overseas exchange programs have been organized by the office. In 2000, the office sent lawyers to join the China senior lawyers troupe to make one month study to the U.S.A . In 2001, lawyers were sent to Hong Kong to study and exchange with legal workers for one month, and also sent lawyers to the U.S.A to deal with the cases involved with overseas parties in 2002. The year of 2003 has seen more lawyers have been sent to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao for academic exchange program. In the meantime, the cooperation relationship has been set up with American Boston International Law office, American Kensent Law Office, Hong Kong Law Office, British Law Office. The office was invited by American General Consul in Chengdu, to appoint lawyers, who have a good command of English , to introduce elaborately the laws about the environment of investment and intellectual property in China to the investment and trade delegation of American Chamber of Commerce , the biggest one of the Business League Confederation in the world. And their work got highly praised by the delegation. It made a good foundation for Dingli will be better able to adjust to the new environment after China’s Entry of WTO and provide better legal services to its clients.

     ----- Professional departments Rich Experiences

     Since its establishment, with the purpose of “True to law and safeguard interests of the clients”, Dingli law firm has been dedicated to developing itself to meet the increasingly high needs for high quality legal service and thus set up seven departments to provide more specialized legal services to clients in walks of life. The office has gained wide recognition for its excellent services.

Sichuan Dingli Law Firm Practice Areas

     1 Criminal Law Department

     Criminal Law Department has 10 lawyers. Most of them are graduates from the top law schools. While some of them are highly experienced lawyers in this area, young lawyers hold high academic degrees and show great promise of potential. The cases having great social impact include “ Ma Tengfang eviction of tax ”, “ Mr. Zhou,(vice director of agricultural bureau of one county) was sentenced innocent for being accused of embezzlement ” .

     2 Real estate and Construction law Department

     Real estate and Construction law Department has 10 lawyers and acts as the consulting office for such big developers as Chengdu Borui real estate company and Huali real estate company. The department also provided the full range of legal services for the first “ Weekend Apartment Shopping Shuttle” in Sichuan. The typical cases include: Chengdu trust company versus Sichuan XXX real estate company for contract; the residents of “Blue city” sued against the XXX travel agency for transfer of rights of land.

     3 Securities and fiancé Department

     Securities and fiancé Department has 10 lawyers. The cases successfully resolved include Communications Bank , Guangyuan Branch vs. XX bank , Shangdong Branch . To collect evidence , the lawyers traveled several times to as north as Shangdong, Beijing and as south as Guangzhou, Shengzheng. With these solid evidence presented to the Supreme Court, the lawyers urged the People’s Supreme Court finally to overrule the verdict wrongly rendered by Shangdong Higher People’s Court. The Guangyuan Branch has recovered as much as 800 million yuan as the result. A lot of work has also been done in the case of compensation for the stock,such as Yin Guangxia and ST Dongfang.

     4 Intellectual Property law department

     Intellectual Property law department has almost 10 lawyers and is the consulting office for such academic research institute as Chengdu Organic Chemistry Research Institute under China Academy of Science. The office has provided legal services about patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, technology contract e-commerce and capital management to these organizations. One example is that the Chengdu Branch is given full protection of intellectual property rights in digitalization and e-commerce.

     5 International Law Department

     International Law Department has nearly 10 lawyers who have knowledge about international trade, investment and also can speak several foreign languages. Most of them speak English fluently. Some of them passed GET 6 exams and participated in arbitration of China International Economic and Trade Committee many times. The cases the department has won for its clients include :

     Jin xing Restaurant & entertainment Company Ltd. vs Chengdu XXX Company

     Sichuan Taihua pharmaceutical vs. American OPTIMA Company(got 4 million yuan Compensation)

     The department is the consulting advisors for a lot of foreign invested companies and enterprises like Sichuan Futian Garment Co.,and Sijia Silk Company. And it has close cooperative relationship with Singapore Paper Investment Co.Ltd, Shell (China) Co.Ltd. The friendly cooperation is also established with those law offices in the U.S.A, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Several lawyers went to U.S. to deal with the cases.

     6 Corporation’s Law Department

     Corporation’s Law Department has several lawyers who are dedicated to the research of corporation’s law theories and practices.Lawyers have taken part in the designer for reformation of Sichuan Cotton Gernal Company; moreover they have audited and revised the contreat of JiuZhaigou Adminstration Burean and International Lease Company , and the contreat Chengdu Modern Public Media Information Pavillion Co.Ltd and Shanghai International Commercial Machine Technology Co.Ltd.ete.

     7 Medical Law Department

     Medical Law Department has lawyers possessing knowledge about medicine and rich experiences about law practices. These lawyers have gained a lot of valuable experiences through providing the specialized legal services to their clients and have been highly praised for their good services. The cases and the lawyers’ comments have been reported by Chengdu Commercial Daily and Huaxi Metropolitan Daily . The lawyers are often invited by big medical organizations to talk about medical law suits either on TV or through the lectures. The department is the consulting office for the Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University , the biggest hospital in southwest China. The excellent legal services provided are recognized by our clients.

     Since it was established, Sichuan Dingli law firm has obtained wonderful achievements through all lawyers’ strive. In 1998, the office was awarded the title of “ Excellent Law Office in Sichuan”. In 2000, the office was the only one in Sichuan to be awarded “ Best Adolescents Rights Protection Agent” by Central League of China and China Ministry of Judiciary Administration.

     Mr. Shi Jie, the director of Sichuan Dingli law firm, won the title of “ Ten Outstanding Young Defenders”(which was the first awarded this year) in 2001 and thus became the only lawyer in Sichuan to enjoy such honor; in 2002, he won the title of “ outstanding young defender in China” and became one of the two lawyers in China to be awarded such great honor. It was also reported many times by such well known medias as CCTV, Chinese lawyer, Sichuan Daily and Chengdu Commercial Daily, etc.

    Dingli has so many talented lawyers and staff members to help organizations to achieve better performance and sustainable development. Dingli is your best choice to defend your legal rights.
Lawyers from Dingli, Commitment solid!

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