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Due to our professional team's rich experience in legal practice or corporate business, Zhuhai Mingmen Law Firm Law Firm enjoys exceptional advantages in providing legal service to companies and specializes in general and specific legal counsel. The clients we served or are serving include state-owned enterprises, listed companies, foreign-invested enterprises, large private enterprises and
zhuhai lawyer
zhuhai lawyer

Zhuhai Mingmen Law Firm Profile

Due to our professional team's rich experience in legal practice or corporate business, Zhuhai Mingmen Law Firm  Law Firm enjoys exceptional advantages in providing legal service to companies and specializes in general and specific legal counsel. The clients we served or are serving include state-owned enterprises, listed companies, foreign-invested enterprises, large private enterprises and foreign enterprises.  As a professional partnership law firm, MM Law Firm is founded by Dr. Wu Youming, Mr. Qiu Ye, Ms. Xu Ling and Ms. Li Jianzhuan.   

Dr. Wu is a lawyer practicing consecutively for more than twenty years with high legal academic achievements, rich practice experience and social work experiences and now serves concurrently as Vice President of Guangdong Lawyers Association, Vice Chairman of the Internal and Judicial Affairs Committee of Zhuhai Municipal People's Congress, non-standing member of the Administrative Reconsideration Committee of Zhuhai Municipal People's Government, Arbitrator of SCIA, SHIAC and Zhuhai Arbitration Committee, etc.   

Mr. Qiu is a senior lawyer specializing in the practices of general legal counsel, specific legal affair management, civil and commercial litigation and arbitration, and serves concurrently as Vice President of Zhuhai Lawyers Association and arbitrator of Zhuhai Arbitration Commission.  

Ms. Xu is a lawyer with more than 10 years of practice experience specializing in real estate development and sales, corporate mergers and acquisitions, project investment and cross-border mortgage. Ms. Xu now serves as deputy to Guangdong Provincial People's Congress.  

Ms. Li is a lawyer with double Bachelor Degrees of English and Law and obtains Qualification of National Test for English Majors (Band 8), Qualification Certificate of Translation Proficiency of P. R. China (English), Internal Risk Management Qualification and International Certified Company Risk Management Qualification. Ms. Li is especially experienced in corporate legal counsel, foreign investment, corporate mergers and acquisitions. 

As a professional team specializing in serving enterprises, MM Law Firm is committed to achieving integrated management and building an elite team by applying corporate management system, thus enabling MM Law Firm to provide clients with more proactive, professional and efficient legal support instead of the traditional passive, single-handed and all-round service mode. 

Oriented to serving enterprise clients, on the principle of "wisdom of law and thought of business", MM Law Firm adheres to providing optimized legal solutions to our enterprise clients, advocates the concept of "enterprise legal risk management" and highlights laws as business strategic resources by integrating laws with business operation and management so as to realize profit certainty and maximization of enterprises. 

Zhuhai Mingmen Law Firm Practice Areas

Legal Advice

  • Corporate establishment, alteration, consolidation, division, liquidation and de-registration 
  • Designing articles of association and rules of procedure of boards of shareholders, directors and supervisors 
  • Corporate Governance and Family Enterprise Governance 
  • Providing professional advice and suggestion for rationalization on legal issues involving routine operation and management 
  • Perfecting and optimizing enterprise internal system and contracts 
  • Preparing relevant legal instruments, such as contracts, agreements, memoranda, articles of association declarations, announcements, etc. 
  • Issuing lawyer's letter, legal opinions, witness letter, legal argumentation report, etc. 
  • Assisting in business negotiation 
  • Legal training of management and staff 
  • Providing professional and updated legal database 
  • Legal due diligence 
  • Argumentation of difficult and complicated legal issues by experts 
  • Representing clients in litigation, arbitration, conciliation, etc. 
  • Advising on small claim 

Legal Risk Management 

  • Integrated legal risk management: 
  • Training staff in legal risk management, organizing legal risk investigation, analyzing legal risk environment, detecting, evaluating, analyzing legal risk and developing strategies accordingly, evaluating, monitoring and improving legal risk control 
  • Special legal risk management: 
  • Managing risk regarding aspects concerned by enterprises, such as contract management, investment and financing, M&A, purchase, sale, real estate development and aspects concerning labor law, tax law, environmental protection law, etc. 

Finance and Securities

  • IPO and NEEQ  
  • Back-door listing and refinancing  
  • Project investment and financing and PE  
  • Post-IPO legal services  
  • Cross-border finance and financial leasing  
  • Real estate mortgage (cross-border)  
  • Debt restructuring and disposition of non-performing assets 

Foreign Investment

  • Establishment of foreign-funded corporations:  
  • Advising on investment policies, devising investment plans and frameworks, feasibility study, handling registration formalities of establishment as agent and drafting relevant documents 
  • Foreign M&A:  
  • Devising M&A plans, feasibility study, participating in M&A negotiation, preparing relevant contracts and other legal instruments 
  • Legal advice on foreign related marriage, taxation, foreign exchange, real estate, etc. 
  • Professional translation of Chinese and English legal instruments 

Real Estate Development

  • Preliminary stage: Legal affairs regarding land expropriation and house removal, legal argumentation of project feasibility, participation in devising and formulating project development plan 
  • Construction stage:  Participation in project initiation, contracts on survey, design, construction, supervision, loan, mortgage and cooperation of project applied for construction, legal affairs such as construction delay, project quality, site safety, worker management, project settlement, etc. 
  • Marketing stage:  Participation in devising and confirming marketing plan, promotional materials such as commodity house marketing advertisements, Real Estate Brochure, Commodity House Subscription Contract, Sales Contract, Residential Manuals, Residential Quality Guarantee, (Temporary) Owners' Convention and Service Agreement on Preliminary Property Management and assisting in handling commodity house mortgage and loan 

Construction Project

  • Legal affairs regarding project bidding and tendering, association and cooperation; project contract awarding, contracting and subcontracting; construction delay, project quality, site safety, worker management, project settlement, etc. 
  • Legal affairs regarding various infrastructure projects such as highways, bridges, rail transit, ports, airports, water supply, sewage treatment, desalination, waste incineration and treatment 

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Advice on industry access policies and preferential policies 
  • Deal pattern and plan design  
  • Legal due diligence  
  • Legal risk analysis of deal and prevention plan formulation  
  • Deal execution and post-merger integration 

Labor Relations

  • Human resource management system 
  • Legal risk management of labor 
  • Legal affairs regarding staff placement in corporate restructuring, M&A and liquidation 
  • Legal affairs regarding labor protection, social insurance, occupational injuries and diseases 
  • Labor dispute settlement 

Business Taxation

  • Legal advice on and training in business taxation 
  • Special legal service of taxation regarding enterprise establishment, restructuring, M&A, etc.  
  • Legal risk management of taxation 
  • Tax planning 
  • Tax preference application 
  • Representing clients in taxation hearings, and administrative reconsideration and taxation litigation 

Environment Protection

  • Providing legal and policy advice on environmental protection to various investment projects 
  • Legal affairs regarding environmental protection projects and circular economy project 
  • Providing full legal service for ISO14000 (Standard of Environmental Management System) 
  • Representing clients in administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation of  environmental protection and participating in administrative license hearings of  environmental protection 
  • Compensation for environmental pollution damage 

Dispute Settlement

  • Providing optimized dispute settlement and strategy design 
  • Representing clients in administrative reconsideration and hearings 
  • Representing clients in various types of litigation and criminal defense 
  • Representing clients in international and domestic civil and commercial arbitration,  revocation and non-enforcement of arbitral awards 
  • Representing clients in execution 

Specific details

Lawyer Status Zhuhai lawyer active.


Zhuhai, Guangdong



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